Wednesday, December 31, 2008

farewell, 2008.

2008 brought me many good things, including frozen hot chocolate.

Farewell, 2008. You brought me:

New friends
Old friends
A big move
An engagement
My 22nd birthday
A surprise visit from my cousin
Mentoring some awesome
A new job
Time with
the fam
Two road trips with the little cuz
Visit to St. Augustine with some of the best friends ever
A shower in Montgomery with my favorites
My first business trip
Two rental car experiences
trip to New York (and a visit to Serendipity)
Time at the beach
A new
A new fam
A wedding and a marriage
A husband
The best roommate ever
A trip to New England
Our very own Christmas tree
My first time to shoot a gun

Farewell, 2008. You’ve been good to me.

(Isn’t it crazy that I couldn't even remember I’d done all this stuff? My mind is starting to play time-tricks on me…)


chet said...

when did you shoot a gun?

jenna said...

I shot a gun for the 1st time in 2008 too!!