Tuesday, November 25, 2008

married me.

Click photo for more bridal portraits. As soon as wedding photos are up, trust me, I'll be letting you know.

So, it’s official. I am now Annie Sue Butterworth Jones. (Actually, it’s not official. I haven’t had time to go through the ridiculous name-changing process. So, totally unofficial.)

Saturday was the most beautiful, most fun day ever. Confession: I love my birthday because, let’s face it, it’s kind of nice to have a day devoted to the celebration of YOU. And a wedding is pretty much just that: a celebration of the two of YOU. So, naturally, I loved every minute.

I loved my beautiful friends standing in 30-degree weather to get their pictures taken.

I loved the hilarious groomsmen in their unique struts down the aisle (note to self: “Eye of the Tiger” was totally appropriate for the day). I loved my brother choosing to box down the aisle instead of walk.

I loved seeing my friends’ faces as they saw their two friends say “I do.”

I loved standing on the porch and seeing faces of loved ones in the crowd.

I loved singing to my heavenly Father in the November sunshine. (Worshipping outside is amazing. We should do it more often.)

I loved washing my new husband’s feet and showing the world that service in marriage is what God intended.

I loved seeing the tears of my little cousin and knowing I still get to spend time being her friend and mentor; marriage won’t change that.

I loved the quilts, the setting, the hot chocolate, and the boiled peanuts.

I loved the flowers in honor of my two grandfathers, and I loved knowing that their spirits were with us on Saturday. They would have been so proud.

I loved jumping the broom.

I loved riding in a carriage with my dad. I loved praying with him before the ceremony. And I loved dancing to “our song.”

I loved that the minister told the story of me and Jordan, including funny stories and first kisses.

I love that now people know who we are (or at least part).

I loved my uncle’s prayer for us.

I loved my father’s blessing (and I didn’t mind sharing it with Jordan).

I loved that everyone had a good time, and that I heard so many people comment on the unique, special-ness of our day.

I loved knowing we’ve made a difference in our friends’ lives.

I loved that we didn’t rush off, that we took our time visiting and enjoying our friends and family.

I loved that we played golf the next day.

I love that we’re married, but we’re still each other.

I love that my name might change, but I’m still me… and he loves it that way.

Don’t worry, I’m not blogging while on my honeymoon. We’re waiting until law school finals are over and gone before heading to Newport, Rhode Island for a week of freezing temperatures (snow, please!) and Christmas lights.


chet said...

You forgot about the cousin who collapsed. I liked it too, I couldn't think of a better way to ruin my birthday.


jenna said...

Everything about what you have said is precious and wonderful and exciting, and I SO wish I could have been there! I can't wait to see all the pictures! (You are SO cute with those blue tennis shoes on!!)

How did you become so awesome?!

Robyn said...

It sounds like the PERFECT day! I'm so happy for the two of you. And, you're pictures are simply beautiful . . . what a gorgeous bride!!!