Monday, October 27, 2008

big families = big blessings

Mondays are slow, the election is upon us, life is busy, and so I want to take a moment and tell you who I love.

I love Jordan. He’s the best friend and husband-to-be a girl could ask for. I love that He delights in God’s word, that he thinks I’m beautiful, and that he loves all the quirks that come with a girl like me. I love that we have fun together being outside, reading, watching movies, playing games. I love that he keeps me sane, that he loves to laugh, and that he’s smart and hard-working. And I love that I get to marry him very, very soon.

I love my brother. I love that he’s funny and cares passionately about politics (even though we don’t always agree). I love the he’s smart, and that he introduced me to The Coffee Pub and their incredible Chai Tea. I love that he will make a very quirky professor one day (quirky runs in our family) and that he’s one of my very best friends. I also love that we laugh at the same things. I do not love that he is going to leave me and go to Harding, but I’m proud of his new adventure.

I love my cousins. I love that big families=big blessings. I love that I have two younger “sisters” or “fuzzins” who live just down the road. I love that I’ll be in Tallahassee a little longer to watch them grow up some more. I love that we laugh together and that they make fun of me even though I just know they think I’m cool. I love that they are beautiful, funny, and quirky. I love that with them, I can be nerdy and goofy, and I can go see High School Musical 3 on opening day.

I love my dad. I love that I am so much like him. I love that he’s a leader in the church, and I love that he raised me to be a leader too. I love that he’s a good cook and makes me breakfast (which will be very sad to give up in deed). I love that we read the paper together in the mornings and that he taught my brother and me to be independent thinkers. I love that he has a cheesy sense of humor and that he loves my mom A TON.

I love my mom. I love that we look alike. I love that we’re so much alike that we sometimes get on each other’s nerves. I love that we’re both stubborn. I love our “Gilmore Girls” moments and our mini-adventures. I love when we go shopping together, even if we don’t buy anything. I love snuggling in bed with her and watching movies. I love that she steals those same movies from my personal collection when I’m not looking. I love that she’ll still let me do laundry at her house even when I’m married. I love that our house is a home and that it always will be.

I love my aunt, my uncle, my grandma, and my other aunt. I love that they all live together and that they have the best food. I love that Chet and I (and now Jordan) can visit anytime; I don’t even have to call first. I love that I can sit on their kitchen counter and tell them what I’m thinking. I love that we talk politics, and books, and sports, and that we’re all different but all alike. I love that they make up my other home and that I can count on them for anything.

I love these people because they love me and make up who I am. I think you should know them too. They're pretty amazing.

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Jenna said...

I am such a dork. I seriously teared up reading this blog post of yours! I want to know and love your family!! I feel so blessed when I think of how wonderful my family is... when I think about how so many people don't have that... It makes me happy to read of your love for your family, and it is just another thing in my day that makes me so thankful for the family I am a part of.

And then I think of the even bigger family we are both a part of.... I love that our God is a God that loves relationships.