Thursday, February 17, 2011

cooking with jamie + jordan: week two.

 {leek and potato soup: not my photo. jamie's.}

That's right. Week Two.

I realize it's February, but with the multiple vacations and the infamous stomach flu, I just didn't have a lot of time to devote to my kitchen. No worries, though. Jamie and I are still tight. I haven't given up on my resolution yet.

night one: quick salmon tikka with cucumber yogurt
Okay, I love seafood. Love it. And I hear it's really good for you, so that's a plus. My dad used to cook fish all the time when I was living at home, but here is what I forgot to note: He always did it outside, on the grill. Jamie's recipe calls for cooking salmon on the stovetop. Unfortunately, Jamie doesn't tell you how to get the smell of fish out of your house. It stayed for days. Days. I thought I was going to be sick. I love seafood, but I do not want my house to smell like it. The bummer is that this recipe was fantastic! Super easy and quick. But I went to book club smelling like fish and with curry paste in my hair. So I'm just not sure this is going to become a regular on the Jones' menu circuit.

night two: baked camembert pasta
Note: We had to go to the local organic food store to find Camembert cheese (which, by the way, is pronounced sans "t"... just in case you were wondering). It was a little pricey, but buy one get one free, so we took the plunge. This recipe was pretty good, but I just felt like it was missing something. Like meat. I could not ever be a vegetarian. The whole time I was eating the pasta, I kept telling Jordan: "Chicken! This needs chicken! Or bacon!" Jordan really liked it, and it was -- again -- quick and easy to make. I like this Jamie guy. Even these complicated-sounding recipes are actually really simple.

night three: leek and potato soup
Thanks to yet another cold snap (in Florida!), soup was on the menu for last week. I had no idea what leeks were, but we bought them, and cooked with them, and I'm not about to do a Google search to find out exactly what they are. Ignorance is bliss. This took a little bit of prep (chopping all the veggies took some time), and my sous chef accidentally added beef broth to the chicken broth, causing a minor catastrophe, but the end result was really good. I added Parmesan cheese and bacon to the top, and they were a great addition. (I'm telling you, I have a meat problem.) The whole thing was really healthy, too. The recipe did make a ton of soup, so we've been eating on the leftovers for a few days, but I was really happy with the way this turned out. I'll be making it again.

{Check here for week one.}


Megan said...

You're safe on the leeks--they're in the onion family so there's nothing crazy going on in the produce department of that recipe. :)

I love that your resolution is to go through a cookbook...mine is too! I'm going through one of Williams Sonoma's dessert books and the results have been delicious!

xo - Megan @

Jessica said...

I love leeks! I make these portabello mushrooms with leeks and spinach that is SO yummy! That potato soup recipe looks good.

Karissa Jade Ferguson said...

These meals sound delicious! You're really making me want to check out this cook book :) have you seen Jamie Olivers Food Revolution? It's so good, you would love it.

Julianne said...

I'm so impressed! We love salmon, so I just might have to get the recipe. It is fairly often that I find myself coming across ingredients that I've never heard of before and have NO idea where to find them in the store. My mom receives phone calls of that nature quite regularly. :) Keep up the good work, Annie!

Mallory Camille said...

I've been in such a cooking rut lately. You've inspired me!

Elizabeth Dean said...

Love, love, love leeks. I made this great soup with them last semester that included artichokes. De-lish.