Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cooking with jamie + jordan: week one.

{anthropologie apron courtesy of Jordan's grandma}

I am trying really hard this year to follow through not only on my resolutions, but on the attitude of celebration behind my resolutions. 

Last week, Jordan and I cooked three meals from Jamie Oliver's cookbook, and although the meals themselves were pretty delicious, it was the time together I most enjoyed. 

Jordan, I know, isn't necessarily comfortable in the kitchen. But I love his company, and cooking becomes fun with him by my side (and that's saying something, folks). So in these opening days of 2011, he has become my sous chef. He stirs, fetches things from the pantry, tells funny stories. And thus far, we've made it to the couch by 7:30 to watch Jeopardy together. 

Yep, I'm loving these days. And the meals aren't half bad either. 

night one: spicy moroccan stewed fish + couscous (pictured above)
This was pretty good, especially considering I'm not a huge couscous fan (meaning: I've never eaten it before in my life). I felt really healthy while eating this, and I felt accomplished tackling seafood, I think for the first time in our marriage. It feels fancy to eat fish not from a seafood restaurant -- and I love me some seafood. This week I only picked recipes from the 20-minute section of Food Revolution, and this one was spot-on: It took 15 minutes from start to finish, including clean-up. This one's getting an A.

night two: butterflied steak sarnie
This recipe is amazing. Once you get over the sticker shock (filet mignon is pricey, peeps!), you realize this meal is worth every. single. penny. And no question about it, I'm a meat lover. I mean, the couscous was great, but this steak? My mouth still waters just thinking about it. I was nervous since the recipe called for mushrooms, which Jordan and I don't typically eat, but in the spirit of a new year, I gave it my best shot. And what do you know? We liked 'em. This was another 20-minute recipe, but it tasted like it took forever. And I mean that in the best way possible. Definitely an A+ recipe, though the price of the steaks means we won't be having these every week.

night three: classic tomato spaghetti
Look, I just can't make three "fancy" meals in a row, no matter how easy they are. On Wednesdays, we are limited on time, and I am running out of steam. Mom's Wednesday night pizzas suddenly make a lot more sense. But, after a holiday filled with -- pardon my language -- crap to eat, the Joneses decided to forgo frozen pizzas and try a simple Jamie recipe: spaghetti. It actually didn't take all that long (10, 15 minutes), and the sauce is really good. I think maybe another can of tomatoes would have made it more like the Prego we're all used to, but all in all, not bad, especially for a rainy and rushed Wednesday night meal. (And way more healthy than Hungry Howie's.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness--look how completely adorable you are in that picture--love it! Good for you, sticking to your New Year's resolution. Thanks for the recipes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness--look how completely adorable you are in that picture--love it! Good for you, sticking to your New Year's resolution. Thanks for the recipes!

Anonymous said...

The food in that skillet looks delicious! And I love the colors in your kitchen!

Staley Mc said...

Everything yall made sounds delicious!! Love your apron!

Elizabeth Dean said...

I applaud you! It takes guts to try new food (pun intended). Not only do you risk your own dime but you also risk your time, as well as your dinner.

As far as spaghetti, that dish is a lot more complicated than people think. Making homemade sauce requires timing.

Good job.

monster cakes said...

You are too cute in that Apron! And since we are on the topic of food, and you also share my love of cupcakes, look what I found!


It's a must, I think. AH I can't wait to get one. And congrats on the win btw. Alas, my beloved Ducks did not play well.

stephanie said...

i love that picture!
for me & my husband, the roles are reversed...he is the cook & i'm the helper. although i am trying to cook a little more. raw chicken just freaks me out.

Cindy P said...

I love being in the kitchen with Collin. It does make the whole cooking experience that much more fun! I agree completely!

Velva said...

I loved reading this post! Your dishes sounded delicious. Keep trying new dishes! Your food journey will lead you to places that you would not have been able to imagine.


Jennifer Crow said...

Very impressive!!

Lindsay @ Aisle to Aloha said...

LOVE this post! I'm totally checking out these recipes to try. Especially the steak one. I'm a meat lover too, my friend. Let's go out for steaks sometime.

Your apron is adorable, too!