Friday, February 18, 2011

improving my closet.

Maybe it's the new year, or the desire to purge, or the fact that every fashion blogger is talking about it, but I'm in the mood to clean out my closet.

One of my resolutions this year was to develop a "usable, uniquely me" closet, and I feel like I'm well on my way.

Last week, I invested ($3.50) in the latest issue of Lucky magazine, and let me tell you: worth every single penny.

One entire article was devoted to 90 outfits for under $500. That's dressing for $5 a day! And even though I'm getting better at the mixing and matching thing (thank you, Kendi), I need pictures of exactly how to pair what with what. What can I say? I'm a visual learner. So anyway, Lucky did all the work for me. Showed me exactly what I needed (a lot of things I already had: denim dress, striped shirt, etc.), then put outfits together... 90 of them! Amazing.

Armed with birthday money and a list of exactly what I needed, I did some shopping -- online and otherwise -- last week. And even though I did buy the occasional Target piece, I'm still working on buying quality clothing... Clothing that will last. Here's a list of things wanted and things bought:

 I need a pair of work jeans, remember, and high-waisted flares are back in. Don't worry, folks: I wanted these, but bought these. I just can't justify spending nearly $200 on one piece of clothing. And based on your comments, you can't either. Glad we're all on the same page.

A striped cardigan. I really want this one.

Also a patterned/funky cardigan, like this one. Anthropologie-esque.

A classic black blazer. I have one from Old Navy, but it's not my favorite (weird slit sleeves). I've got my eyes on this one. Anyone seen one for cheaper?

I used to have a really great pair of black pants, just like Audrey. But they faded (things from the Gap fade easily... or is it me?). So I bought these.

Lucky told me I needed a floral tank top, and I agreed. This one from Target seemed reasonable, so I took the plunge.

Every girl needs a black pencil skirt, and I have one, but it's starting to show its age. Lucky featured this one, so maybe despite the cost, it's decent quality. 

 A new pair of Toms. No one told me I needed these; I just looked in my closet at my holey, faded pair, and I knew. It is time.


There we have it. I love shopping with a list of exactly what I need in mind; I think it's saving me a ton of money in the long run! I only buy what I need, instead of what I think I need spur of the moment. Plus, I'm planning on hosting a clothing swap with some friends in the spring, so when I purge, my old clothes will have a place to go. Any clothes not swapped will go to a local charity. I'm pumped.

So, what's on your list? Are there pieces I'm missing? What do you consider essentials for your closet? 

Curious minds want to know.


Elizabeth Dean said...

I think you've overlooked some important accessories: the perfect leather bag, a great skinny belt, the perfect pair of non-hoop earrings. Things like that. I mean, if you're downsizing your wardrobe (the irony that you're buying clothes to do this is very cute and funny to me), you will need solid accessories to make the outfits look fresh. Did Lucky have any advice?

Staley Mc said...

I am in the process of picking out some things for spring too, I really want a great pair of white denim. I need to clean out my closet, I did it around this time last year and it was so nice to make room for new stuff!

Kari said...

Maybe I need to get that Lucky magazine, because I am desperately in need of some new clothes. I feel like I missed some entire fashion trends by being out of commission for the past year. But I still have some weight to lose, so I am not sure what I need to do as far as buying clothes. Gah.

Lauren said...

Yay for adding some new, quality pieces to your wardrobe! I love the picks you've chosen!

For the black blazer at a cheaper cost, maybe look on Smashion or Ebay for some lower cost options? If you really want to buy a quality black blazer, I would say look at J.Crew or Banana - they have good, quality black blazers/suit jackets that are going to last a long time, making the initial cost go down over time.

And I personally would try to stay on the cheap side of things with accessories - they are such an easy way to update a wardrobe and there are so many cute, low-cost options out there!

Anonymous said...

Love this! My new favorite piece of clothing are my dark wash skinny jeans from Charlotte Russe. I also think a loose cotton v-neck is a must for casual wear, and I think a black cardigan is a staple, although I love cardigans of just about any kind.