Saturday, November 14, 2009

re: grad school and self-esteem.

Scene: Daughter and potential graduate school contender questions her father on the likelihood she could get accepted into an Ivy League program.

Daughter: You know what I'd really like to know? 

Dad: What?

Daughter: I'd like to know what role my attendance at a small Christian college would play into the grad school application process. Like, how much does it matter that I went to Faulkner and not to, I don't know, FSU

Dad: That's a good question. 

Daughter: Well, what do you think?

Dad: Pause. I guess I think about that girl in that movie. You know... What was that movie? Pause. Legally Blonde! You know, she got into law school at Harvard, no problem.

Daughter: bursts into fits of laughter. Oh, Dad!

Dad: What? Were you expecting something more philosophical?


Actually, yes, but I'm kind of glad I got the response I did. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Dad. Maybe I'll apply after all. I mean, if Reese Witherspoon could do it...

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