Thursday, November 12, 2009

becoming a student.

This is how I know that I am meant for graduate school. 

Even if I don't get accepted this go around. 

Even if it's years before I actually earn a master's. 

I know that ultimately, I will go. 

Because my heart beats wildly scrolling through course requirements. 

Because I am filled with an intense sense of accomplishment just after successfully completing an application. 

Because I secretly love all of my file folders with their checklists and requirements. 

Because the daunting administrative tasks that make up the admissions process feel a lot like school to me. 

And I am good at school. 

That's right. 

Some of us were meant to be designers. Teachers. Nurses. Lawyers. Writers. Artists. Photographers. Doctors. 

And I think I am meant to be some of those things. But there is a part of me that is just... 


One application down. Five more to go.*

*If this seems excessive (and expensive!), that's because it is. But here is what I know: the future is uncertain, both for me and for Jordan. And so I will apply until I can apply no more. To every journalism or English program this side of the Mason-Dixon line. I will not watch my dreams go down the drain due to lack of proper preparation. 

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jenna said...

Oh how I wish I so confidently knew the direction I wanted my dreams to go...