Monday, November 16, 2009

dear life... a break

Dear life,
Please. I could use a break.

Between my sweet grandma being in the hospital and the impossibility of scheduling appropriate holiday plans for two sets of families (not for the faint of heart!), I am running on empty. 
Our laundry is literally overflowing. I’m not sure how I still have clean underwear. I think it may be a five loaves and two fishes kind of situation. I promise I’ll do a load before Jordan’s clean boxers run out. Promise. 
I’m hosting an outdoor dinner party tomorrow night—the one day this week with a 30% chance of rain. I also haven’t prepared a single dish, and three people have cancelled in a span of 24 hours. Should be awesome.
The hubs and I strategically planned our holidays to visit every person we care about, to make everyone in our extended families happy. Soon-to-be-married-couples, take note: this plan will always, always, always blow up in your face. Back to square one.
I bought my brother’s birthday present—before finding out he’d already bought it for himself.
Faulkner still hasn’t sent me my official transcripts. Do they realize graduate schools have deadlines?
We found out that Jordan’s sister and her boyfriend are coming into town this weekend for the FSU v. Maryland game. Which we do not have tickets for. 
In addition, Sunday is our first anniversary (whoo hoo!). We’ll be entertaining aforementioned guests and completing a service project with our church group. Just what I pictured it would be like.
In case you can’t tell, I’m a little tired and slightly irritable. I’m trying to focus on the positive. Like: 
Listening to my grandma’s stories of how she and my grandpa met
Buying blankets for people in need
Winning a football game for the first time in weeks
Hanging out with good friends
Playing volleyball in the fall air
Finishing another grad school application
Watching “When Harry Met Sally”
Snuggling deep under the covers for a thing called sleep
So maybe I didn’t bake cupcakes for my dinner party or get our whites washed. Maybe I still need to get tables from the church and finish Jordan’s anniversary gift. 
Maybe I’m learning to take this life thing one day at a time. 
Maybe I’m learning what and who is important. 
Even so…
Life, could I please catch a break?

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