Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wedding wednesday: the friends.

Welcome to another Wedding Wednesday. The truth is, this time last year, I didn't even want to here the "w" word. I was so ready for the actual event! Now, it's kind of nice to look back at what made our day so special. 

And probably nothing could have made our day more special than our dear friends. 

After we got engaged, almost our entire wedding party met up in Montgomery to enjoy a couple of days getting to know each other. We wanted everyone to be completely comfortable come November 22. I'm so glad we did that, and I highly recommend it if you've got friends from all walks of life sharing in your day. Jordan and I absolutely loved that weekend and treasure the memories we made. 

Months later, on the night of our rehearsal, I practiced walking down the aisle with my dad. I will never forget that moment. It finally hit me, looking into the faces of the people I love, that I was actually getting married. I caught the eye of my best friends and lost it. I blame it entirely on my 15-year-old cousin, who absolutely bawled like a baby. The next day, I kept my composure during the ceremony, but my bridesmaids? I don't think there was a dry eye.

They are the best friends I could have ever dreamed of, and I thank God for blessing me with so many kindred spirits. 

Jordan's groomsmen were no different. I love those guys. I love that Jordan and I have mutual friends; I knew his groomsmen, and he knew my bridesmaids. It made our wedding feel even more close-knit and reunion-esque (my ultimate goal). These guys were fabulous; we couldn't have asked for more fun, good-natured guys. 

So, a word of wedding advice? Surround yourself with your nearest and dearest on your wedding day. Now's not the time to repay debts or make new friends. Stick with the ones who know and love you best. I promise, it won't backfire. 

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