Wednesday, June 17, 2009

what i've found.

UPDATE: Cup of Jo is hosting a giveaway today for a kelly + olive moodboard. I really, really, really want to win. Which means I probably won't. But maybe you will! So go! Enter now! (And read more about them at the bottom of this post.)

It’s time again for a little feature I like to call, “Things I Want.” I have to record the information somewhere, so it might as well be here. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something you want too!

Wouldn’t this print look great in our new kitchen? The answer is yes.

I’m always looking for a “signature” necklace—one that I can where nearly every day, with everything. These days, my necklaces change day-to-day. And I don’t mind. But there’s something about these that I really love. I definitely think they have signature potential. Hint, hint, hubby.

Speaking of jewelry, would I like some made out of typewriter keys? Um. Do I really need to answer that?

Even though I love coming up for ideas for our place, it’d be nice sometimes to get someone else’s opinion. I think a consultation with these girls would do the trick. And thanks to this newfangled contraption we call the internet, the fact that kelly + olive are based out of Chicago isn’t a problem. They offer online consults for pretty reasonable prices. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to get their take on our new digs…

I think I might be making my little wish lists a weekly feature. Kind of as a purging process. Like maybe if I blog about it, I won't want it anymore. Plus it's just kind of fun.

So what about you? What's on your wish list?


jenna said...

First of all, I love reading your wish lists because I always find things I want too! Problem is, I never remember later to look for them (especially w/books).

Secondly, I DO love that print for the kitchen! SO cute! I am certain it belongs in your home, just as certain as I am that the necklace made of a typewriter letter belongs around your neck! THAT, my friend, should be your signature necklace!! LOVE it! I want one!

Lastly, Kelly + Olive are so great! Like looking at a Real Simple magazine! Definitely added them to the blogs I follow!

But really lastly, I love you. And I miss you.
(And thank you SO much for that sweet card!)

naturally nina said...

what a fun idea: a wish list. i love that necklace. now i want one too!
great to "meet" you and your adorable blog.

xo nina

Anonymous said...

I am laughing b/c when I used to work at Bath and Body works and was trying to save, I would always sell people the exact things I wanted for myself. I was very passionate about it:) I figured at least someone could have it!!