Wednesday, June 17, 2009

life's getting crazy.

Our apartment rented. God is good and again took care of us. Of course, we now have to be out by June 30 (with both of us planning to be out of town June 24-27). If I did my calculations right, we have a week and a half to move out of a home not yet packed into a new home that is not yet ready.

That’s right. The apartment we’re moving into—and have paid rent and a security deposit for—hasn’t been cleaned. Or repaired. Or sprayed for bugs. I’m beginning to think all realtors are liars. (No offense if you are one.)

Needless to say, there is a ton to be done. We did go out and buy our living room/dining room paint color, which turned out beautifully! (In the can, at least.) A warning for other DIYers: we went straight to Martha Stewart’s paint chips to make sure Mercury Glass still existed (because my original paint chip was a few years old), and it did… Except, it didn’t.

I mean, there was a paint color named Mercury Glass. But it did not match the color I had in my hand at all. I had a brief freak-out moment, since Mercury Glass was the first color I had picked out for our place. Not to worry, though. Those people at Lowe’s know their stuff, and they had the old Mercury Glass in their computer. Praise.

With the paint and supplies bought, Friday we’ll tackle the living room and dining room. And maybe clean, if that still hasn’t been done.

I’d like our living room, dining room, bedroom, and entryway mostly done before July 3.

I’m not sure if that’s possible.

But a girl can dream.

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chet said...

oh man, have you turned on your utilities (for an arm and a leg?) our landowner would NOT paint or repair without air conditioning.

but he finally cleaned the stove, replaced the microwave and stuff. go, bob.

and hey! check out this folk artist called The Cries Of. he will be playing a house show on his summer tour AT MY HOUSE.