Friday, June 12, 2009

and then some.

My God is a God who exceeds expectations.

He produces breathtaking sunsets and perilous waves.

He gives us immense blessings. He also has the power to take away.

But He is always faithful.

Last month, Jordan and I were struggling financially. May is always* a tough month, because Jordan doesn’t have time to work due to finals preparation. We thought living off of one and a half incomes was hard, so living off of just one was a rude awakening.

One month ago, I watched “my” MacBook money go down the tubes. Our apartment required serious maintenance. My car needed all new tires. The company I freelanced for didn’t send my checks. Jordan and I were tired, frustrated. It felt a little bit like a flood.

It’s worth noting that although we may not have felt it was true, our God was faithful during our difficult month. I watched as He provided us with the exact amount of grocery money we needed. As He continued to protect us and guide us in our dealings with Dave. As He took care of us when we could not take care of ourselves.

Now, one month later, our God is proving that He is still faithful, and this time, He is proving His faithfulness in bold ways. Strutting His stuff, if you will.

We’ve signed a lease to a new place, a place we can make our own and depend on more reliable maintenance when things get out of hand (because they inevitably will). A place that is $200 less per month than all the other townhomes in the area, making it remarkably in our budget.

Both of our cars are running smoothly, and Jordan had the opportunity to get together with his dad to change my oil for significantly less than taking it to the shop.

Jordan is working full-time, gaining valuable experience at a place whose primary purpose is to help others. He's loving his work, and his job provide added income that takes the pressure off me to be the sole provider.

Due to a tax break (I guess the government likes us married folk after all), we received a huge, unexpected sum of money in our mailbox. A sum that exactly replenished our savings account and provided me with what I needed to finally get my MacBook.

And the day I finally purchased my little piece of sunshine, my employer made an announcement. I would be getting a Mac.

You heard correctly.

The girl who one month ago watched her dreams turn to dust now has (or will soon have) not one, but two MacBooks to use at her discretion.

My God is a God that exceeds expectations.

He is a God who reminds me—often—that He knows best. That only He can provide. That I can’t do it myself. That He does it better.

That He loves me enough to provide what I need.

And then some.

*I use always loosely, since this is the first year I’ve experienced law finals as the wife of a law student.

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Anonymous said...

Annie you are right. I AM always seems to time everything He does in a way that can only cause a deeper trust in Him and His will. We do serve a truly amazing God.