Thursday, June 11, 2009

the art of doing it yourself.

We signed our lease and are on the countdown to our new home. Painting begins next week, so if you're in town and need something to do... Bring a paintbrush! We're going to need all the help we can get!
In the meantime, here are two DIY projects I'm dying to tackle:

A sofa table/desk: My desk area is in the foyer of our current residence, and it has ended up as a catchall instead of a workspace. Since I always wind up bringing the bills or the laptop in the living room anyway, I'm recruiting my uncle to help me build a sofa table like this one, with a drawer or two for me to store my things. Jordan needs his own study for law work, but I'd be perfectly content working away in my little living room space.

I think this is from Apartment Therapy.

As you know from previous posts, Jordan and I have done without a headboard since we've been married. It's quickly taking its toll, since we both like to read in bed. I've found several headboards I like, but while looking through my inspiration notebook (everyone should have one), I came across this picture, and I fell in love all over again. Plus, the bed frame is in my little notebook two different times, which means I must really love it.

The problem is that it's an Ikea piece, and it's $299. I'm just not sure I want to lay down that kind of money on something I'm not sure will last forever. So, I've again recruited the help of my uncle (and done some adequate HGTV research), and I'm going to attempt to build this bad boy. I may or may not be successful. I'll let you know if I just throw in the towel and shell out the cash. (And, did you check out the bedding? I'm dying to mix-and-match our sheets and duvet cover. Trust me, it's on the list.)

From Blueprint magazine. (RIP)

So, I'm curious.

Are there any other wannabe DIYers out there?

What projects are on your summer to-do list?


jenna said...

Summer to do list: Finish my office. Waiting on a bookshelf that I am NOT doing myself :) Then I will take on the wall shelving, art work, and furniture arrangement. I can't wait to get my books out of these boxes and back on shelves!!!

katie said...

brava! I hope it all turns out great!

Elaine Davis said...

That's our bed :) Ikea. Love it!