Sunday, April 12, 2009

the things people say.

Happy Easter from us to you!


Speaking of Easter, here's a fun story for you:

Today, as I'm standing beside a dear friend of mine, an older (and not old, like senile old; then what I'm about to say might be excusable) woman comes up and begins to compliment my friend on her beautiful dress, hair, skin, etc. I stand there smiling in agreement, because I, too, think my friend is just lovely. As I'm nodding and smiling, the woman turns to me apologetically. "Oh, honey, you're pretty too. Just in your own way."

Um. Thank you?

Seriously. And people wonder why women have image issues.


Anonymous said...

Well that was lovely.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Who she is and what is her address???? Hasta la vista baby!

Anonymous said...

p.s. I think there is none other as beautiful as you! Inside and out!

jenna said...

What a strange woman... I mean... really?!?

By the way, you and Jordan look ADORABLE in that pic! Whose house is that?

And Happy Easter!! Guess where you will be this next weekend?!?!?! :)