Saturday, April 11, 2009

i miss her + happy easter.

Do you have those friends you just really like? I do. I have a lot, actually. But there's this one. I met her in 2004 as a freshman at Faulkner University. Her name was Amanda, and she kept me sane when life at good ol' F.U. could get a little ridiculous. She's still one of my nearest and dearest friends, and today... I just miss her. I miss her calming presence, her mature advice, her sarcastic sense of humor. We watched movies and visited each other's families. She's just a good friend, and at this particular moment, I wish she didn't live 4 hours away. But, ahem, I'm getting sappy. So, enough of that.

(But seriously, I LOVE AMANDA. And I'm going to see if she'll comment on this post since it's almost all about her.)

In other news, tomorrow I will celebrate my Savior. The One who died for me. For my selfishness, my impatience, my bossiness, my judgmental behavior. The One who willingly laid it on the line for me. Tomorrow is Easter, and while bunnies are fun and dyed eggs are pretty... It's my Savior who will have my attention. Because my Savior didn't just die-- although that in itself would have been pretty amazing. But see, my Savior, He rose again. And because He lives, I do too. So I will celebrate Him-- my risen Lord-- tomorrow.

Happy Easter, world. May you find the One who died and rose for you.


William said...

Why am I just now discovering your blog!? Looking forward to reading your older posts and catching up.

Happy Easter!

Stephen and Kayla Frisby said...

I love Amanda, too. :)

Amanda said...

I miss Annie too and dislike the four hour gap between us also. So now you have your post! I hope your easter has been well and that June gets here quickly. I LOVE ANNIE!!!