Monday, April 13, 2009

the blog world.

I’ve been doing some blog remodeling today, so if you’re a Google Reader or email subscriber, come check it out. I even came this close to changing blog names, but every cute, creative name I could think of was taken. Ridiculous, really. Anyway, let me know what you think of the “redesign.” Opinions are always welcome (encouraged, even!).

Speaking of the blogging world, my subscriptions in Google Reader have been growing exponentially. There are so many blogs I’ve grown to love (you can check out some in my sidebar), but I’m feeling especially fond of this bold blogger. Why, you ask? Um, because I won her blog giveaway. That’s right. Leaving a comment sometimes pays off, ladies and gents. In my case, it pays off in the form of a $40 clutch. Pretty exciting, especially since the last thing I won was a year’s supply of Keds tennis shoes (thank you, American Girl magazine). Needless to say, I wore Keds for years. I’ll probably do the same with this bag.


jenna said...

Oh my word. I am SO jealous you won a blog giveaway!!! (And kinda jealous you won Keds from American Girl! haha)

I like the redesign. I love the yellow color you used and I like the typewriter look. :)

5 days and counting till Girls Retreat!!!

Jessica said...

i like this. you're so creative. and i like your title. no need to change. it goes well with one of my favorite quotes...the one you have at the bottom! you should read animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver. it's my favorite of hers so far. it's an especially good read for this time of year when gardening and eating fresh fruits and veggies are in the forefront of our minds. congrats on the giveaway. it's a cute clutch.

annie said...

Thanks for the sweet comments, you guys! I think the new design is defnitely growing on me...

Jessica, I'd been wondering if that book was any good. Thanks for the recommendation. And, hey! When will your blog be open to curious readers like me? :)

Jessica said...


i've gone live! i'm scared.

feeling exposed,

meg said...

"Bold," you say? Thanks for the complement (as I consider it). Glad the clutch went to a good home.