Monday, April 13, 2009

the facebook fast.

My 40 days and 40 nights are up.

After removing myself from the realm of Facebook for the season of Lent, I have a startling observation: I have no desire to get back on.

I'll admit, at first it was tough. I wasn't a Facebook addict, but I enjoyed viewing friends' statuses, glancing at photos, and checking for others' employment updates. Let's be honest, Facebook is just a nice way to kill time.

But after a 40 day fast of all things Facebook, I've discovered that I have better things to do with that spare time. I've got a husband. A family. A website to work on. A blog to update. Freelance design to do. An event to plan. Friends to keep up with (in more personal ways than a wall post).

My days away from social networking reminded me of the benefits of "old-fashioned" communication. You know. Like email.

I actually had to make a real effort to keep in touch with my friends, no Facebook stalking or brief posts to a wall allowed. Was it hard to sit around with my friends while they talked about the Facebook redesign? Yes. Was it harder to RSVP for events in person than with the single click of a mouse? You bet. Was it tough to rely on my husband for March Madness bracket updates? You have no idea.

But I think I realized that although Facebook can be a great tool, there's really no need to be on it, even in my spare time. Communication is still possibe. Facebook just makes it easier. And, is easier really always better? After my 40 day fast, I'm not so sure.

Of course, I guess the real question remains: did I accomplish my goal of drawing nearer to my Father during this season of Lent? Did I accomplish this goal by sacrificing a little bit of my self?

It's hard to say. The time I would have spent on Facebook was not always spent in the Word or with my Father. But I do feel like I lived a little more simply. Like I drew near to people the way God intended us to (with human touch, the spoken word, a smile).

Lent may not have brought me the results I thought, but I still think I can label it a success. And you know what? I don't even have to update my Facebook status to say so.

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