Wednesday, March 25, 2009

if i worked from home...

Last night the husband and I were talking about our top five dream jobs. It took me no time at all to come up with mine:

- Full-time writer/blogger
- Bookstore owner
- Journalism teacher
- Children’s book editor
- Owner of an editing/design firm
- Photographer (runner-up)

Of course, all of these dream jobs of mine have a couple of things in common: design, the written word, and… a unique office setting. Because my dreams do not involve cubes. Instead, my dreams include these little numbers:

{Oh, and just for kicks, Jordan and I also discussed the five jobs we would absolutely hate. Mine? Saleswoman, lawyer, veterinarian, mathematician, and chemist.}


katie said...

these are all great... my mom works from home and I WISH she would let me renovate her workspace... but its not happening anytime soon.

jenna said...

Ooo... I like these dream jobs and dream spaces... My favorite were the first two and the last one. Lovely.... :)