Monday, March 23, 2009

what's in a name?

I hope I’ve said it before on this blog, but if not, here it is: I am a proud follower of Christ. Not proud because being a follower of Christ makes me better than those around me, but proud to be a redeemed daughter of my King. Proud, and so very grateful.

A survey gaining popular attention in the media right now claims that the percentage of people who call themselves Christian has dropped by 11% in just one generation. The studies and the articles following the survey argue that while many still claim, like me, to be followers of Christ, people no longer want to be given the label of "Christian." It’s a word associated with too much baggage. Too much judgmental behavior, too little love. Too much hypocrisy, too little action.

That just breaks my heart.

What a shame, that some Christians (literally meaning “little Christs”) have ruined the name of the One they serve, and that others who do uphold His name have chosen to leave their beautiful, God-given name behind.

The title of Christian is a special one, one I don't want to give up, despite what negative connotations it might have. I want to always be proud to call myself a Christian, not because of the Christians I know (although I personally know some kind, generous, loving ones), but because of the Christ I serve, the Christ I want to mold my life after.

The negative connotations are based in truth, I know. There is hypocrisy in the church. Judgmental eyes are watching the moves I make. Some people are just unwilling to love the unlovely.

But I think it’s important to remember that Christians are just regular, imperfect people who screw up. That’s why we need Jesus. To help us be better.

We fail, all the time.

And for that, I think I speak for most when I say, I’m sorry.

But we’re trying. And that’s why I’ll continue to wear His name, no matter what connotation it has in the world.

I am a follower of Christ, and yes, that makes me a Christian. And I'm more than okay with that.

{Please lift up prayers and loving thoughts on behalf of fellow blogger MckMama, whose little boy is back in the hospital this morning. You can find Stellan's story here.}


chet said...

I'll post a comment my dear sister.
This was awesome.
This was convicting.
This was posted on my facebook for others to read.

I'm a Christian and I'm ashamed of what Christians have done to Christianity. "The greatest cause of atheism is Christians who serve God with their mouths and deny him with their lips."

But I'll still proudly say I a Christian.

Anonymous said...

You have good taste in what you wear!

bear said...

that was beautiful.

bear said...

as Rodney Atkins says in his song Its America 'one nation under God'and open arms. In God We Trust.
God has blessed each and everyone of us. God bless america

be pround christians

bear said...

you have graet taste in what you wear.

bear said...

you have great taste in what you wear.