Thursday, March 26, 2009

another one. this time > 100.

photo by max wanger.

I just realized that I have officially passed my 100th post mark! In fact, this is post #103, which means I missed my 100th post with zero fanfare. And since we know how much I love fanfare, I just have to celebrate! Without further ado, some random reasons I love this whole blogging thing (and plan to post at least 100 more times):

- I get my thoughts out in the open.
- I practice creative writing almost daily.
- I meet the most fascinating people.
- I learn about others’ beliefs.
- I learn that I have a lot to learn.
- I have an outlet for my creativity.
- I discover Etsy shops, photographs, and fashion statements I didn’t know existed.
- I’ve formed a little blogging community (that I hope will grow).
- I get to keep in touch with those I’ve left behind.
- I realize that I have a story.
- I tell my story.
- I’ve found another way to make it through the work day.
- I experience new places (and am always adding to my list of must-visit spots).

I know I don’t have a hefty list of followers, or a super fancy website, or great photography or craft tips to share. But I sure do love this little thing.

Happy 100th blog post to me!

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