Monday, February 9, 2009

our fifty.

I don't know where I found this picture, and I'm sorry... Because I really like it and want to tell you where you can find it.

I saw this on Naomi’s blog a while back and thought it would make a fun Valentine’s Day post. And with the heart-y holiday just around the corner, I figured I’d go ahead and take a stab at 50 things about us…

1. We’ve been married for nearly 3 months and love it.
2. We both think our wedding was hands down the best one we’ve ever been to.
3. We have a stuffed animal named Jonas who we pretend is our dog.
4. She loves orange juice with pulp.
5. He would rather have water (no ice, thank you very much).
6. She is freezing cold all the time.
7. He’d rather not turn the heat on (the electric bill, you know).
8. We made a new year’s resolution to get up earlier each morning. We’re half-way succeeding.
9. He’s in law school and ready to be working.
10. She’s working and is ready to be back in school.
11. He wakes up nice and groggy each morning.
12. She hits the ground running (albeit some days a little slowly).
13. He flosses every morning and night and brushes three minutes in front of the sink.
14. She has an electric toothbrush with a timer just so she’ll remember to brush for three minutes. And she can’t stand still while brushing.
15. She imagines she’s a journalist in a big city.
16. He thinks she can be whatever she wants to be.
17. She decorated the apartment.
18. He got one room all to himself.
19. His books almost fill up one bookcase.
20. Hers are overflowing on two (with several stacks beside the bed).
21. He’s better at math.
22. She takes care of the bills.
23. He could eat stale food for days.
24. She prefers food that’s been prepared recently.
25. She gets french fry cravings.
26. He satisfies them.
27. She loves Coke (not Diet. Gross.).
28. He prefers Mountain Dew.
29. We both are resolved to drink more water.
30. He wants to help people and probably won't make much money.
31. She's glad he's that way and doesn't want much money anyway.
32. He would eat pizza every day if he could.
33. She’s learning how to cook so that this won’t happen.
34. We wish we could travel anywhere, any time.
35. He finds full moons creepy.
36. She finds them beautiful.
37. She likes fresh flowers in the apartment at all times.
38. He lets her have them (even if it’s not really in the budget).
39. We love coffee shops.
40. We don’t drink coffee.
41. She smells books.
42. She knew he was for her the day he smelled them too (unprompted).
43. We’ve been to Italy.
44. We want to go back.
45. He still calls her Annie Sue Butterworth.
46. She appreciates that.
47. We leave love notes to each other on the back of our front door.
48. He worries about big things; he forgets about little things.
49. She keeps track of little things and lets the big things take care of themselves.
50. We balance each other and love each other.


Jordan Jones said...

Haha...this made me laugh out loud! And it is incredibly accurate.

Anonymous said...

That's nice... And all strangely true. :) you're so creative!

jenna said...

I love the beautiful couple that you two are!