Wednesday, February 4, 2009

faces of birthday / last birthday post, i promise

Indoor picnic. Thanks, b.f.f.!

Oh, the joy that can be found in red velvet cupcakes...

Family birthdays are some of my favorite things. This is the "I'm not disappointed" face.


And, lest you think this birthday was all about me, here's another face for you, preceded by this conversation:

C: What show is this? (said with slight disgust)

A: It's about a family with 18 children

C: Oh...

A: Guess what the dad's name is?

C: What?

A: Jim-Bob.

C: {this face}


jenna said...

You are so cute!

.... and now I really want some red velvet cupcakes!!

bear said...

my face is funny!!

bear said...

the cupcakes were good!!!!