Monday, February 9, 2009

opinions wanted, please.

Even if you've never commented on this blog before, today is the day to change. I'm contemplating some serious, life-altering decisions, and I'm desperate for second (and third, and fourth) opinions.

Should I get these?

That's right. It's time to spend the birthday money. What happens when you're on a ridiculously tight budget is that when you finally have some fun money that's all your own, there is intense pressure to spend only on things you really want/need. Hence the recent flood of shopping/style posts.

So, with $125 burning holes in my pockets, I need opinions.

I spent $18 on a new watch that I love.

I'd like to spend $30 on this clutch purse.

And now I'm contemplating these $40 boots.

Is this a wise purchase with Tallahassee springtime around the corner? Should I save my money for some warm weather clothes? Buy a pair of much-needed brown heels for work instead? Or forget clothes altogether and save a few more weeks for Photoshop Elements?

Or scrap all these and get this? Oh, the choices!

HELP! Seriously, people. Come out of the woodwork. Desperate economic times call for prudent purchases, and everyone knows I can't make a decision to save my life. One comment. That's all I'm asking.


Aunt Lisa said...

Since this is not the first time the handbag has made it to the blog, I think it's a no-brainer. The boots are fab, the clutch is cute and "handy" (pun intended) but 90 degrees is just around the corner and we all know you carry too much to fit in a clutch (rhyme unintended but kind of clever). The choice is obvious....GET THAT BAG!!!! It is the perfect thing to get with birthday money. You will use it often and remember your wonderful day.
PS I'm excited to be the first responder.

katie said...

Hmmm... I'm probably not the best person to comment on this blog because frugality is not my thing when it comes to clothes/shoes. BUT, since you are in Florida, I would go with the purse, too... you would definitely get more use out of it and your money's worth.

And, I made my header on Picnik. So, I used their font Wincelas for "loverly."

jenna said...

hmmm.... decisions, decisions.... As a pretty indecisive person myself, I may not be the best to ask either. The boots are adorable!!! BUT, after reading your aunt's comment about it being 90 degrees soon in your homeland, they may not be the best choice. And who knows, maybe by the time cooler weather comes back around you will have found a pair that you could try on before purchasing.

You do love the purse... and if you are like me, you will wear a good purse out! (And it is Anthropologie... come on... I dream of finding the perfect thing to splurge on in that store!)

Anonymous said...

Obviously, my humble opinion is not enough. I believe I told you to buy that fabulous purse last week!!! Go for it:)

Anonymous said...

I love the purse. The boots are a good buy, yet I think soon you are gonna want cute spring clothes more than boots. So I vote no boots though they are wonderful!