Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i promise this isn't a shopping blog...

But this bag is too lovely not to share-- even the back is beautiful! (Visit the link to see the different bag styles. I can't decide between the blue and the orange.)

Now the only question is: do I save my birthday money and begin making contributions toward its purchase?

Or do I acknowledge that I have more bags than I can count and spend my b-day money on something more practical (or just a different fashion treat)?

I am torn... Advice, anyone?

(In other news, my mom threw me a a fabulous party last night, complete with delectable cupcakes... pictures to come!)


jenna said...

Oh. My. Word.

That bag is ADORABLE!! I want one!! (How I LOVE Anthropology...)

I have had trouble deciding on my favorite. I like the front of the orange one most, but I don't like the back of it as much as I like the back of the blue and pink one. (Really the back of the pink is my fav, love that teal!)

.... I am no help, am I? haha

(NOTE: There is an anthropology store in Huntsville. When you visit, we may have to go there. If we can handle it. ha)

Lil Fuz said...

I think you should save your money to buy tickets to see Taylor Swift with your little cousin and her best friend!

Anonymous said...

Okay~ Birthday money. Hmmm. Birthday money. No brainer. On your birthday it is the one day that you are able to splurge on something purely for you ~ you're special day. I apologize for beginning this curse at age 2 when you always received your Easter purse and bonnet~ I don't really care which purse you buy; but if you love the purse ~ Happy Birthday to you:) xxoo