Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Doing the 9-to-5

How come this morning I felt like I had enough tasks to last me the entire day?

It’s now 2:45, and I’ve been making up things to do for about an hour. I don’t understand it. Am I super-human? Is there just not enough for me to do? I’m not sure. I work hard, and I complete my tasks on time (or earlier). Yesterday I even took initiative on a project that no one else was working on. Yet by 3:00 in the afternoon on most days, I’ve reached a dead-end.

So, here is my proposal: no more 8-to-5 workdays. I mean, really. Who do you know that needs all eight hours to do their job? Or, perhaps more importantly, who do you know that earnestly and diligently works eight solid hours every day? Exactly my point.

I think we should work 8-to-3, with no lunch. Or, let’s have three-day weekends. Or, a two-hour lunch/nap session. I mean, the choices are really endless, and I think the benefits are too. Increased productivity and diligence on the job, and value restored to our personal lives thanks to our newfound free time. I’m all for it. Have any employers out there implemented this yet?

Lest you think I hate my job or, worse, am just some lazy bum, there are some work tasks that I could do all day long. Like designing these recognition posters, or working on the Healthy Kids family newsletter.

These are things I enjoy, and one day, maybe I’ll find a job that allows me to do them. Until then, I’m working on sanctifying the ordinary and completing each task I've been given to the best of my God-given ability. Even on days when the clock ticks a little too slowly.

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