Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All these bright ideas...

I wrote a post yesterday about developing a community of faith, and then I deleted it. Why? I think I was so passionate about it that I got scared. I think my own ideas made me a little skittish. I realized that if I put them all out there, I’d inevitably have to actually do something about them. And I will (I'm already in the process!). But baby steps, people. I’ll let you know how it goes, and undoubtedly, I will ultimately re-post some of my original thoughts and ideas. Developing a community of faith is something I want desperately to achieve while living in Tallahassee, but I’m learning it’s going to require a lot of work. Passions (if they are to be pursued) are often just that: a lot of work. So, more to come.

In other news, here’s my latest interest: a restaurant with no prices. I’d heard the concept before, but see, now I want to actually DO it. (I think my free time at work has my brain on overdrive, coming up with all these ideas that, again, would require a lot of time, money, and effort. But a girl can dream, right?)

So these restaurants are popping up all over the place (well, mostly in mid-western America and Europe… go figure). They charge patrons absolutely nothing. You pay what you want, or you work for your food. A restaurant in Denver, Co. has been doing this for nearly two years. I wonder what it would take to get one started in Tallahassee?

A Guide for Starting a Community Kitchen

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Jenna said...

Are you serious?!? That is SO crazy-- a restaurant with no prices... crazy. I am very curious as to how that works.