Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a few daisies can do...

So, yesterday my wonderful fiancé came to my office for lunch (definitely one of my favorite things about finally living in the same town) and surprised me with a bouquet of yellow daisies- my favorite! Yesterday was a pretty great day all-around, but those daisies made it even better!

Those daisies got me thinking (those of you who also associate daisies with "You've Got Mail" will understand my thought process). One of my best friends recently confessed to me her desire to start her own business. We both talked about it excitedly, as if it were some far-off dream, one that maybe she could fulfill years down the road. Which, you know, would be great. But what’s so wrong with fulfilling some of our dreams now?

I want my friend to start her business while she wants to; why wait? Cupcakes (the object of her entrepreneurial desire) aren’t going to go out of style anytime soon; why put it off? And while I was giving advice to her, I was also giving advice to myself.

Sure, we’ve got to bloom where God plants us. I should make every day at my current job count. But I also don’t need to forget the dreams I have for myself: dreams of a graduate degree, of writing a book, of teaching, of running my own magazine, or (gasp!) running my own bookstore. Our parents’ generation felt like they had to pay their dues before they could move on to their own more "selfish" dreams. But we’re a different generation. And fulfilling your dreams doesn't have to be selfish, not when God plays a role in them. Besides, might fulfilling our dreams be just what God had in mind when He created us for an abundant life? If so, why wait?

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