Wednesday, May 29, 2013

spoken in the shop, vol. 7.

On loving the earth
"Eco People? Blech!"
(accompanied by vomiting noise)


On pregnancy hormones
"So how many people cry in your children's book section? Some of those books will rip your heart out!"


On picking favorites
Girl 1: "Oh, this used to be my favorite book!"

Girl 2: "I wish I had a favorite book."


On temptation
"I just can't come here. This place is my heaven."


On suspense
Storyteller: "What did the pig say? Can anybody guess? What do you think happens next?"

Long pause.

5-year-old boy: "Just turn the page already!"


On story time
"I want cupcakes and a story and to make something!"


On closing up shop
"I'm just going to miss you."


Kristen said...

Thinking about you and your big changes.

Big moments are happening for you and I know our sweet Lord is among all of this craziness.

Praying for your decisions, your response and of course your heavy heart!


tiffany said...

I know that we have no connection other than the world wide web and Jesus Christ, but as far as I am concerned, that is all the connection we need to be friends! ;-)
I have followed your blog for some time and I wanted you to know that you have made me laugh, made my cry and have encouraged me. I pray for you as often as I think of you and am thankful for the work that our gracious Lord is doing in your heart, life and marriage.

Chet said...

spoken at the outdoor retail store:

man: "what about these Patagonia shoes?"
me: "oh, well I really like their business ethics."
man: "what do you mean?"
me: "they give a lot back to the environment and conservation efforts."
man: "oh, I don't care about that."