Monday, May 13, 2013

spoken in the shop, vol. 6.

On hands-on learning
"You know, you really should have some of these toys out so kids can play with them."
(spoken while aforementioned children literally bounced balls off the store ceiling)


On waiting
"I promise we'll buy these books when we're done. For now, they're keeping the kids preoccupied."


On the lost art of the picture book
"Wait. Why doesn't this book have words?"


On technology
"I just like to touch a book, you know?"


On age appropriate learning
"Do you guys have any anatomy puzzles? We're talking about digestion right now."
(spoken by a mother while gesturing to her 6-month old baby, who I assume is advanced)


On taking things to the next level
"What can you tell me about the brontosaurus?"
(5-year-old after our Tea Rex story time)


On breaking and buying
"I guess I'll need to buy a few more cupcakes to make up for this."
(spoken by a dad after his children broke a vase. sweet, but... buy a book! for crying out loud!)


Danielle Skye said...

Digestive system for a 6 month old!! I just love these posts, there is so much humour in the everyday.

Faith said...

I really enjoy these posts, Annie!

Jovita said...

I love these! Especially the one with the six-month baby - oh my word...