Thursday, May 9, 2013

in which i distract myself with (what else?) a party.

We're saying goodbye to some of our best friends this season, so it only seemed appropriate to send them off in style (while we sob behind their backs). I really love throwing parties for people -- I think it's one of my love languages -- and I figured Cinco de Mayo was as good a theme as any. Mexican food is delicious and inexpensive, and I've been wanting a reason to celebrate out on our patio. 

Of course, Sunday morning broke bright and beautiful before heavy clouds settled in around 3:00. Jordan and I kept decorating, railing at the sky every now and then when rain began to threaten. At several points in the afternoon, I thought we'd have to turn indoors, but the sun won out, and our party was perfect. 

Truly, we had a lovely time. This is the first party I've been brave enough to cook all the food myself, so I consider this a huge adult accomplishment. The decorations (my favorite part) were lovely and cheap thanks to Target's ever-amazing dollar bin, and I have a new-found love affair with paper chains. (Also? Mason jars with balloon-dipped bottoms.)

We had fun, but it's all rather bittersweet. We took silly pictures, but we're also beginning the very long goodbye process to some of the people we love the most. We're not really sure how we're going to fill the void. Add to this the fact that we may be embarking on some life changes of our very own this summer, now without the support present and in-town friendships bring.

I have said it before, but I think it bears repeating: This is a difficult season for us. And I know, not so many moons down the road, this will all be such a blip on the maps of our lives, but now? Now it all feels very big. Intimidating. Scary. And I keep repeating so many different Bible verses in my head. Verses about how what was meant for evil, God will turn to good. Verses about perseverance being part of the growing up process. Verses reminding me that this too shall pass, that God will clear the pathways and make them straight. 

To be honest, the verses don't always help. (It depends on my mood.) But celebration, choosing to stop and do something when all I really feel like doing is pulling the covers over my head?

It turns out, that helped.


Sabrina said...

That party looks fun, fun, fun! Always one of your specialties! You will miss your friends and be sure they will miss you.

Kara Gehret said...

I'm obsessed. This is adorable. Also, I'm sad for you. I totally know how you're hurting :(

Ray Sherlock said...

I have been longing for your post. What great pics. Anyone would want to be at that gathering.
I am reminded of a verse in a song I listen to regularly, "in my selfishness you showed me grace."
In my selfishness, Annie has showed me a better way.
We are to be honest in our feelings and struggles and at those times realize that we must rely on the only one that matters.

Thanks and welcome back. UR

Velva said...

I can't think of a better way to honor your friends than sharing the grace of meal with them. Awesome!


Faith said...

Annie, throwing a party like this is definitely a big accomplishment! I'm inspired. :) Sorry to hear about your friends moving away. I can't even imagine.