Tuesday, March 12, 2013

spring is coming.

Last weekend, my parents took me and Jordan to see the play "To Kill a Mockingbird" put on by the Alabama Shakespeare Festival, one of our favorite spots in Montgomery. The trip was part of my very generous parents' birthday gift to me, and it was so fun to travel together and see my favorite book come to life. The play itself was outstanding, and the trip was the perfect way to end this year's birthday season. 

February felt excruciatingly long this year, and I say that knowing full well it's the shortest month in our calendar, and perhaps the one I enjoy the very most. We experienced such an up and down in emotions last month, though, that I've been more than ready to see it go, hoping March would bring with it springtime and slower, longer days.

Of course, it's March 13, and that slower pace has yet to arrive. We've traveled every weekend so far this month, with a few more plans scattered here and there, enough to keep our calendars pretty full. These are all good things, though, and in the spirit of my word for 2013, I'm choosing to take it all in stride, to enjoy each day as it comes. 

So around here, we're watching a lot of The West Wing. (We are hooked.) I'm reading as many books as I can and making multiple trips to the library. I'm decorating for spring, hoping warmer weather and yard-drinks are on their way. I've been walking to work every day in the spirit of Lent, hoping talks with my mom and This American Life episodes will keep me sane and happy. My dad's coming over Thursday to help me launch my first vegetable garden, and I'm crossing my fingers for a day trip to the beach with my fuzzies as soon as one comes home for spring break. 

Life moves in seasons, and this winter was long and cold, and I understand now why people are ready for the sun to come out, why they get anxious for longer days and warmer weather. I get it, because I'm ready. March is here, and I have high hopes that spring is coming.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that winter was long and rough for y'all. Thank goodness for friends and generous parents and the fact that seasons DO change. We got in a bit of a funk in February, in various small ways, after January actually being pretty great. Happy for you that you're hopeful for Spring. God has good things for you, friend. (Having to tell myself that daily lately!)
Also, yay for vegetable gardens! This is super lame, but on days when it feels like all my friends are growing either babies or businesses, and all I'm growing is a desk job and a marriage (gosh that sounds even whinier than it does it my head!), being able to go in the backyard and see that I can at least grow plants honestly does help. Ha. Sorry to ramble so much. Happy Tuesday to you, Annie!