Wednesday, March 13, 2013

spoken in the shop, vol. 4.

On mental illness in children's books
"Actually, Amelia Bedelia is really sad. She lacks a brain function that allows her to process metaphor."


On store temper tantrums
"Girls, there's no crying in baseball!"


On reading levels
"How could a child possibly understand Pride and Prejudice? My daughter doesn't even know what a gentleman is!"
(Mom commenting on this version)


On Bringing Up Bebe
"This is that book by that woman who's the French version of Tiger mom."


On geography
"Gabe, what country is this? It starts with an A."


"No, Gabe. I said country. What country is this?"

"I don't know, Mommy."

"Africa, Gabe. It's Africa."


On the competition
"Can we just go to Barnes & Noble instead?" 


On architecture
"If I were a building, would you like me?"
(from one five-year-old to another)


brie. said...

spoken in the shop is hands down, one of my favourite posts!

Elizabeth Dean said...

Every time you post these there is something about either Amazon or B&N. That interests me a great deal; it is like people are fighting to not shop at the Bookshelf.

Yet they're there, so something's working.

Caitlin said...

Oh my gosh! I love these posts so much! Africa, Alabama...geography is hard! You need to collect these all for a book.

Anonymous said...

I think um....that like...Americans um...need like more um...maps or something ;)

I LOVE these!

Erin said...

OH my goodness. That Little Miss Austen book? Apparently there is a whole series? When I have children, they will have those!

Cara Howard said...

If I were a building, would you like me? OMG TOO CUTE. Haha. xoxo

Elizabeth said...

These are my favorite posts! So fun and funny!

Danielle Skye said...

These are the best posts for a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. The Africa one? No. Just no.

But the Amelia Bedelia one is hilarious.

Faith said...

"Africa, Gabe. It's Africa." Oh, my goodness! I'm glad you overheard that one. ;)