Monday, February 4, 2013

spoken in the shop, vol. 2.

On celebrity
"Somebody made an entire book about Audrey Hepburn? Why is that even necessary?"


On the benefits of reading biography
"Did you guys know Julia Child was a spy?"


On trespassing
"I think we're probably allowed to go back here."
(Spoken from one child to another in front of our curtained-off storage closet)


On distractions 
"Mary Ellen, stay on task. We're only picking out cupcakes today."


On leaving children unattended
"Oh! I didn't even notice you were rearranging. Where did all these books come from?"


On expectations
"I'd bring my kids to storytime, but I feel bad if they don't get a cupcake every time."


On bookstores, from a third grader
"This is a cool place."


On knowing your product
"So these are for pregnancy, right?"
(Spoken while pointing to our handmade circle scarves. Maybe she thought they were belly bands?)


On returns
"Hey, so there's this book I bought and really don't like. Is there anything I can do about that?"


On self-restraint
"I'll buy this book, but only if you promise me that when I come back, you'll do what every good bartender does and turn me away."


Sydney said...

oh my gosh I love this! Hilarious! I have a post drafted like this just sitting in my posts folder...hmmmm....isn't it endlessly entertaining to overhear stuff like this? Also, have you read Weird Stuff Customers Say In Bookstores ? It's great!

Elizabeth said...

Oh I love the quote from your bookaholic! Buy books responsibly!

Angela said...

So silly. That person clearly wasn't sure who Audrey Hepburn was haha

Laken Nix said...

Love that you're doing this.
And love the last one.

Can't wait to come visit and see the shop in person!