Monday, July 2, 2012

july goals.

{photo by Whitnay Wiles}

June is over. How that happened, I'll never really know, but I'm so pleased with last month and the lessons I learned. If you'll recall, I spent June reminding myself that no is a complete sentence, and in the coming days, I'd like to share with you what that reminder meant for my life and what it means for my future.

First, though, a quick June goals update. Apparently, setting goals is the first and most basic step in actually achieving those goals. Who knew?

Sit by the pool. Done. I spent a couple of afternoons out by our pool, plus I took a day off work to go to the beach, just because.

Read three books. Also done. Full recaps and reviews headed your way tomorrow.

Eat more vegetables. Done, thanks to my dad's garden and lots of Saturday trips to the farmers' market. Summertime is my favorite time for fresh vegetables.

Bake a summery dessert. Done. This one was my favorite.

Embrace phone-free and computer-free hours. Meh. This one I could have done better on. I did break my iPhone in the middle of the month, which probably helped my cause a bit, but overall, I spent more time on my phone than I would have liked.

Limit commitments. Done, and certainly the goal I'm most proud of accomplishing. I actually think the decisions I made in June are going to have a lasting impact on how I make decisions in the future.

Now, for July's goals:

01. Swim in the pool/visit the beach.
It's hot here. Like, lay-on-your-bed-under-a-ceiling-fan-with-nothing-but-your-underwear-on kind of hot. I'm not sure if "sitting by the pool" is really part of my MO (I'm not a glamourous sweat-er), but I would like to take a few trips to the pool and beach to swim and be close to the water. (I'm convinced it has healing powers.)

02. Read three books.
A continuation of last month's goal, and with reason. I am a happier person when my nightstand is full of the written word. I'm currently making my way through Quiet, with Anna Quindlen's new memoir on deck.

03. Get organized.
So... We're moving. We finally found a place, which means it's time to stop thinking and start doing. A move is the perfect time to purge, and I've got a high hopes for keeping our new home de-cluttered. I'll have to organize this home if I ever have any hope of maintaining the next, though. First up? Our so-scary-we-could-be-on-Hoarders office.

04. Pack.
Our official move-in date is August 1, but our fingers are crossed we'll be able to start taking little loads over around mid-July. This is really happening, and I'm over-the-moon excited. I'm hoping this excitement means even packing could be fun.

05. Give careful yeses.
I don't want the hard work I did in June to disappear this month, but I can tell I'm going to have to remind myself constantly how much more at peace I am when I limit my commitments. I think my genetic makeup and natural tendency is to say yes, so it cuts a bit against the grain to pause for a moment and weigh my options carefully. That being said, my nos paid off in June, and I want to continue that newly-formed habit and be wise with my yeses. (Besides, moving is a pretty legitimate reason to occasionally say no, don't you think?)


Melissa said...

You did a great job in June...and, I'm so excited for your move...where did you find a place? If we can help let us know...and, for your July goals, may you possibly be added to one of mine...and that's the two of us getting together to figure out this podcast issue? I think I've about got most of the other items for the web page figured out, but not the podcast...I'll meet you whenever it's convenient on your end - then buy you a cup of coffee/chocolate at Eternal Grounds or something...thanks!! Love you, M

Tiffany said...

Way to go on your June goals! I didn't do as well. I can't wait to read the reviews of the books you read...more suggestions for my bookshelf. Good luck with July!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on success in June. I am glad you reminded me how we have to say no to some things. Sometimes we have to say no to some good things. The yes has become more valuable through this process. A more thoughtful yes allows great things in your future.

jacquelyn | lark+linen said...

I seriously need to do this!!

Sabrina said...

Talking to you made me smile b/c I think you are on a good path towards personal growth and finding out what works best for you. Which is not selfish, but actually very important. I had some June goals and met 3 of 3. I am going to sit down right now and think of July goals. Maybe this clear month by month goal thing is the way to go:)