Monday, June 4, 2012

june goals.

{photo by Michael Muller}

01. Sit by the pool.
This month, I'd like to spend time outside by the pool, reading books and getting some much needed Vitamin D.

02. Read three books.
May was so chaotic and hectic that most nights, I came home and crashed on the couch in front of the TV. As a result, I started several books, but didn't finish any. This month, I'd like to fix that, and at the very least finish all the books I started in May.

03. Eat more vegetables.
Summer is the perfect time to eat more vegetables -- you can get so many of them fresh from your garden or farmer's market -- and I'd like to focus on doing that with each dinner-time meal this month.

04. Bake a summery dessert.
I pinned some wonderful sounding desserts while in bed feeling not-so-great yesterday, and I'd like to conquer at least one of them this month. They all sound like they'd be the perfect summertime after-dinner treat.

05. Embrace phone-free and computer-free hours.
Since getting an iPhone for my birthday back in February, I've become more and more accustomed to having the internet at my fingertips. While sometimes that's a huge help (house-hunting, for example), I've noticed it can also detract from who I'm with and what I'm doing in that moment. I also have a hard time turning off the computer in the evenings, whether for work or for play or for Netflix. I'd like to embrace some computer/phone-free hours this month, preferably replacing that time with earlier bedtimes and more evenings with the books I love so much.

06. Limit commitments.
We've officially begun what a friend lovingly (I hope) termed "just say no June," meaning the Joneses are really trying to limit their time-consuming commitments this month. My goal is not to turn down any and every offer of fun or time together; it's simply to reevaluate how I and with who I spend my time. The goal is to figure out what brings me energy and what takes it away, to determine what I need to step back from and what I need to embrace. I'm anticipating lots of learning this month, and I also have my fingers crossed for lots of quiet and rest.

Do you have any June goals? What are they?


Eliza :: Case Study said...

What a cute picture! I've been planning on doing a post with my goals for June this week - many similar to yours! I want to finish the books I've started over the past two months....And I really need to work on phone free hours! Especially when it comes to no screen time before bed. Good luck with your goals! Can't wait to see what dessert you choose :) xoxo! eliza

Kate said...

What are you reading? I'm always looking for suggestions! I had the same problem in May. Three books started and none finished. June is the month of reading I suppose!

Melissa said...

You folks that can read more than one book at a time fascinate me! Carl is trying to work on writing his second book, and I just need to read more vs. tv watching - and catch up on my, I guess I've just stated my June goals - to get caught up on my filing at work, home for personal, and Mrs. V's and W.O.W. - the piles are very draining emotionally and what a release it would be to have that off my shoulders! Hope your goals come to fruition! Love you! [P.S. if we could ever get together to see what I may be doing wrong in posting podcasts, that too, would be a big relief!]

Tiffany said...

Definitely need to get some leisure reading done :) The past four years I've been reading school books and I'm excited to choose my own reading. Any suggestions?

Tiffany said...

Definitely need to get some leisure reading done :) The past four years I've been reading school books and I'm excited to choose my own reading. Any suggestions?

Sabrina said...

I already felt more relaxed just reading your June goals! May you find much pleasure in a slower pace.
My summer goals are to exercise outdoors more. Eat more fresh fruits. Reconnect to God through Bible study and morning devotions.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a fabulous June you'd got planned out Annie! I don't have any goals YET, but I've recently been wanting to make a summer bucket list = hopefully I'll get to that soon :-). Happy Monday!