Wednesday, May 16, 2012

at the beginning: where i currently stand.

{photo by Jeff C-C Photo}

Now that you know I'm an eldest child and a proud representative of the INTJ clan, you may be better able to understand why the Shauna Niequist quote I posted Monday inspired me to make a list. (List-making is something I love.) As I embark on a few weeks of rest and rehibilitation, I wanted to evaluate where I stand today. Before I start saying no, I wanted to figure out what led me to this point. What led to the margins becoming just a little too tight for my taste? I'm sure there are more questions and categories I could have added, but I wanted to stick to Niequist's quote. So today, in May 2012, here is where I stand on what moves me, what I love, what makes me angry, and what makes me exhausted. I'd be curious to know what would be on your lists, too, and I'll be sure to post my follow-up lists when June has come and gone.

what moves me
good music, movies, and television shows
inspirational speeches, sermons, conversations, and stories
powerful books
kind-hearted friends

what i love
my family
my faith and relationship with the Heavenly Father
books and book club
leisurely time with friends (casual dinners, neighborhood walks)
weeknights at home
working with my hands
planned menus
time on the couch
sunshine and nature
the beach
no computer

what makes me angry
mean-spirited people
passive-aggressive or hypocritical behavior
no food in the pantry
overly political tweets
opinions given without proper thought or consideration
Facebook "stalking" that results in jealousy or frustration
the feeling that God isn't listening to me
when my face/body doesn't do what I believe it needs to do
constant snark and sarcasm
people who fail to extend grace (of which I am one)
poorly executed leadership and/or plans

what makes me exhausted
too many items in my planner
late nights followed by early mornings
a job that requires I sit at a desk all day
my inability to say no
lack of care for myself and my body
explaining myself to people
rushed evenings at home
fast, not-good-for-you food
high maintenance anything
thinking that if I want something done right, I have to do it myself


Kristin said...

Excellent exercise (coming from a first child)! You'll be glad you have this to look back on come end of June. All the best on your journey!

monster cakes said...

I love these lists! And I have a feeling mine would be very similar. Miss talking friend, but it makes me happy to know you're seeking rest. Hope you find it! xoxo