Friday, March 16, 2012

spring fever.

 It's only March 16, but I can already tell: Spring fever has hit with a vengeance.

The weather in Tallahassee has been absolute perfection, nothing but blue skies, warm breezes, and azaleas popping up everywhere.

Unfortunately, I have been at work, stuck behind my desk at a computer, which makes me all kinds of grouchy. Jordan's been working late, and they're doing construction in and around my office, which has made it rather difficult to focus. I don't even know if I've been able to carry on full conversations with people because I've been so preoccupied with planning imaginary vacations in my head (something I do quite often). My entire existence this week has been utterly schitzophrenic. One minute I'm filled to the brim with new ideas, renewed energry, and fun adventures to try, and the next I'm utterly exhauted and in need of a nap.

I'm going to go ahead and blame Daylight Savings Time and my poor body's inability to cope and just hope that this weekend, things will get better. Something about being out in the sunshine instead of looking at it with my nose pressed to glass will probably help.

Things that have made me smile this week:

- Crossing to Safety. This book is so, so wonderful. I just feel like I'm reading a classic; I can't wait to finish it up this weekend. I've never read any of Wallace Stegner's work before, but this book alone has made me a fan.  

- March Madness. There are currently two television sets and one computer screen set up in our living room, all tuned into various tournament games. There are six brackets taped to the wall, and our friends have been in and out of our home, screaming at the TV with us. Jordan is in heaven, and I'm a pretty happy camper too. (The Seminoles play this afternoon, and somebody in my office better have a TV on.)

- Late afternoon jogs in the park. On Monday, I jogged 1.8 miles without stopping, and I've overcome my fear of running through the park across the street from our apartment. (The "beware of alligator" signs freaked me out a little, especially while I was going through my Swamp People phase.) The weather is glorious, and even though I still can't really say running is fun -- it's just not -- I can say I enjoy being outside. 

- How I Met Your Mother. Half of you probably think this show is lame, and half of you probably are over it because it's been on so long, but I'm a new convert, and I kind of think it's fantastic. It fills my "mindless television" void (I'd been watching Gossip Girl on Netflix during my lunch break) and reminds me, at least a little, of my favorite Friends

- Women in love with Jesus. Okay, here's the thing: BSF isn't perfect. In fact, there are some things about it that drive me a little batty. But it's what I need right now, and on top of that, this week, as 100 of us sang "Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" in ridiculously high-pitched voices, this precious 80-year-old woman was dancing along, doing hand motions... She just looked so incredibly happy and carefree. I kind of hope I grow up to look just like that.

- Chocolate cake. I made my first-ever chocolate cake from scratch on Saturday, and it was delicious. (I used a recipe from this book.) I'm rarely in the mood to bake, but Jordan was out of town last weekend, and I had some time on my hands. I missed Jordan, but the cake was a satisfactory substitute.

I guess it's been a pretty wonderful week. Something about being stuck in an office for 8.5 hours a day makes that tough to remember, but making lists helps. (Also, I'm taking off work next Friday. I can only handle so much.)

Here's to a weekend spent out in the sunshine!


Senja said...

The weather sounds fantastic! :) Wish it was so warm here already. But it will come.

I also really enjoy watching How I met your mother although I have watched it for a long time. And guess what, I bought all Friends seasons from my friend and have been watching them all the time now :) Mikael is not really into TV shows but he really loves watching Friends (and New Girl) with me. :)

monster cakes said...

Justin and I LOOOOOVE How I Met Your Mother. We actually watched it from start to finish in a month or so, and it was so peaceful and wonderful. I was skeptical at first, but I became a convert quickly. Barney is actually my favorite character. haha

The Runs said...

March Madness and How I Met Your Mother! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

Your description of that little old lady? Makes me want to grow up like that, too. :) I'm so behind on How I Met Your Mother... I always forget when it's on, so I'm maybe two seasons back. haha Oh well!

Julianne said...

I'm really missing the Florida weather lately! We got 8" of rain in 3 days here. Blah! Also...1.8 miles!? I am so impressed with you! :)