Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the color run.

Jordan and I are headed to Atlanta this weekend to be with friends and compete (I'm fairly certain that's the wrong word) in The Color Run. Have you heard of it? It sounds fantastic, completely weird and different and sure to take me out of my element in the best kinds of ways.

I'm hoping I'll have some fun pictures and a recap next week, but until then, I'd love it if you'd share with me your ideas for things to see in Atlanta. We've been there a couple of times, and I've had friends send me some great restaurant recommendations, but I thought I'd see if you guys had any recommendations for fun places to see and explore. (We're also trying to decide between Passion City Church and Northpoint Community Church for our Sunday morning... Decisions, decisions.) 

Anyway, if you have any suggestions for Atlanta (or advice on running while paint is being pelted at your face), leave them in the comments. I'd really appreciate it!

photo from The Color Run website


Katie-Barry said...

Hi annie!
I live in atlanta and two really amazing dessert places are Cafe Intermezzo and The Pie Shop. For a cheaper, casual dinner, I love going to Yeah! Burger or Farm Burger.

If you are into really big comtemporary churches then you would probably like Passion City. I love Trinity Angelican Mission. It is simple, small, and has peaceful and engaging music. Depends on what you like!

As for sight seeing, I would say walking around Atlantic Station or Piedmont Park. Martin Luther Kings house is also cool to see.
Hope you have fun, the color run sounds AWESOME.

Sabrina said...

I LOVE Houstons for their lunch/dinner and also dessert.
Mary Mac's tea room is also fabulous!
There is fabulous shopping to be found in ATL. Also, I think Piedmont Park is so pretty! It's fun to walk and browse in the City of Decatur.

Rachael L. Anderson said...

Decatur and Virginia Highlands are great areas to explore. JCT Kitchen is a cool spot to eat dinner, with a patio and live music. From there you can walk to far the best bar in Atlanta. They have two bocce ball courts! Enjoy the color run!

Jenny said...

I'm so jealous! I tried to register for it but I was too late! Have so much fun!
As for recommendations, the ones you have are good. We got to a partner church of Northpoint and Andy Stanley is amazing! Never been to Passion City, but I've heard great things.

jenna said...

Woah. I just checked out that website and it looks AMAZING!! Oh my word!! That is awesome!

As for Atlanta, I always love hitting up Ikea! (just because that is the closest one to me) And if I was forced to choose between Passion City church or Northpoint, I would probably go to Northpoint- love me some Andy Stanley! I heard him speak at Catalyst a couple years ago and he was my fav speaker there!

Michele said...

I'm running the same race. Tin Lizzy is a great place to eat. It is in midtown, not far from Piedmont Park. Also I would recommend Passion City over Northpoint. Cafe Intermezzo (not sure about the spelling) is supposed to be really good. Mary Macs is another great place to eat. Centennial Olympic Park is nice if you want something free to do. The Aquarium is fun as well. I live about an hour south of Atlanta and my hubby works in mid-town. Maybe go and see a show at "The Fox". . . not sure what is playing right now???. I'm an avid runner and pretty competitive. However, for this race, I'm going to go super slow (I'm also running it with my middle daughter). Have a color-filled BLAST!

Michele said...

One more thing. . . The Margaret Mitchell house is downtown too (writer of Gone with the Wind just in case you didn't know;)

Erin said...

This looks fun! Now I want to run! The sign up for San Francisco is only in a few days. Yikes. I wonder if I should...
And, I have no advice for Atlanta, other than I loved the city when I visited as a teen.

Amanda said...

Annie! Have so much fun at the color run! Some of the girls in my major are going to the one in minneapolis but by the time I found out about it, registration was full...bummed. You'll have to run for me. :) How's the working out going by the way?

I want to be that girl -- she looks so happy!