Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 days || twenty-six: treat yo' self.

You already know I love Leslie Knope.

But did you also know that Leslie and the gang have some of the best ideas for celebrating?


Besides "Treat Yo' Self 2011," there was Galentine's Day 2010, Ann's almost-a-bust Halloween party, and a slew of hunting trips, camp outs, and breakfasts for dinner (my most favorite celebrations of all).

This month, I've shared a lot about my ideas for celebration, through good and bad, in the big and in the small. But now I'd like to hear from you.

Where do you get your best ideas for celebrating? Pinterest? Real Simple magazine? Family traditions? Your favorite television shows? (Jordan and I once threw a party for Jim and Pam's wedding episode of The Office.)

I'd love to hear about the next party you're planning to host. Have an idea for a party that just won't go away? Now's the time to share!

As for me? Well, I'm thinking about throwing a Thanksgiving dinner for friends (inspired by, what else, Friends), a swanky new year's party like this one, and Galentine's Day 2012 (oh, you know you want to come).

Your turn!


Staley Mc said...

I'm having a treat yo'self week right now. I had 2 tests on Monday and so I've just been treating myself to little things this week like skipping one class, today I'm going to my favorite local boutique because they are having their fall sale and Friday I'm getting my hair done! I'm liking my version of Treat Yo' Self 2011!

You are right, the Parks&Rec gang really do know how to celebrate!

monster cakes said...

GAH I'm so jealous! I was just telling my friends that we need to have our own Thanksgiving (like on Friends), so we decided to do it possibly next year. And I probably love Liz Lemon as much as you love Leslie. Amen. I like keeping family traditions going, but also thinking of new ways to start traditions with just Justin and I. I want to bring my kids into a family that celebrates life, ya know? I've loved these pots of yours, btw. They were very timely for me right now. Thank you.

mary kate said...

So I finally caught up with all the seasons of Parks&Rec and I totally understand why you think its so great! The treat yo self episode and all the episodes where they celebrate holidays are so fabulous. But what I think I especially love is how Leslie celebrates everyday, she has such a great attitude about everything and is so positive (if only I could be more like that). Some things I'm celebrating are the end of midterms this weekend by going on a whole foods trip.

Kari said...

Friday is the Great Pumpkin Party! Hooray!

chet said...


Sabrina said...

hahahaha! Also, I have to agree with the Liz Lemon comment above. 30 Rock gets me laughing every time. I want to host a Christmas ornament exchange or Secret Santa party. Graduation party planning also flits in and out of my mind:)

Jessica said...

We started watching Parks and Rec tonight so I can be in the know.

Our 7th annual Crowe Spooktacular costume party is this weekend!! Plus we do trick or treating up real big in our neighborhood--hay rides and all!

And, whether I get a good report at the doctor today or not, I will be treating myself to O'Henry's coffee (large, please) and a little something special from somewhere around Birmingham. Don't know what or from where yet, but it will be good:) I'm celebrating 6 weeks of surgery recovery---OVER!!!!!!!!!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I laughed an laughed about "treat yo self"! This show is so great.

Kristin @ The Chronicles of Kristin said...

I don't watch Parks and Rec all the time, but I did see the Treat Yo' Self! episode and loved it. I'd love to have a Treat Yo' Self day with some friends soon. And Galentines Day?! Hello! That is this single girl's goal for 2012 now. I hadn't heard that one. Thank you for that! I'm thinking I'll invite my single gal-pals for a little party where we dress up for ourselves, have some tea, and maybe add a little 'treat yo'self!' to the day at a spa or something. ;)

I've never been much of a party person... but I do love planning my birthday parties, even if it's just a lunch or dinner with a few friends. I love celebrating LIFE. So fun. I do always plan a Secret Santa/Christmas party with my best friends from high school. It's the one time of year we get to see each other and it's always a blast. :]