Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 days || eight: things to celebrate.

 {photo and tutorial by Hey Gorgeous}

Things worth celebrating this week: 

 - A Tuesday afternoon spent doing absolutely nothing (unless watching Grey's Anatomy counts as something)

- The cute kindergartners who really liked my nail polish on Wednesday night

- Planning my cousin's 18th birthday party (photos to come)

- Watching old family videos and realizing just how far we've all come

- Thoughtful blog comments (especially on this post)

- A new pair of Audrey Hepburn-like pants, bought at the Gap for 50% off (through Monday!)

- Finishing a blog redesign and working on another

- The first hot chocolate of the season

- Practical posts by some other 31 days participants

- Time in the car with my husband

- Finding an assistant for this wedding I'm planning

- Fall temperatures in Florida

- A life I really happen to enjoy

And, in case you missed them, you can view all of my 31 days posts here.


What are you celebrating this week? 


mary kate said...

grey's anatomy totally counts as something! this week im celebrating the change in seasons and realizing that things that have recently changed in my life are for the best. and i can not say how much i am loving all of your 31 posts in 31 days! they get better and better every time.

Sabrina said...

I am celebrating my last Fall up here at UGA and whatever my future holds:)

TefMarie said...

Glad it finally feels like falltime in Florida!

Annie said...

this list isn't exhaustive, but I'm celebrating a weekend spent with friends, papers turned in, sleep, Michigan winning against Northwestern right now, the eighty-degree days we've had recently, and your mention of my blog in this post. thank you, friend! :]

♥ CheChe said...

The Joy of hearing Gods voice for me. Such a blessing and privilege.
I love your blog. The simplicity of it is really alluring and the words just fall onto the screen :). Blessings


Brunella Z. said...

I celebrate a wonderful sunday with my son Francesco, next year he left home and Italy for another country far away ... and i want spend the rest of time if it's possible with Francesco before... perhaps I study chinese an russian, (but i'm not sure :) cook lasagne e tortellini (special tradition of modena my city) for tonight, and take a long walk with my labrador Will.
Good sunday Annie