Friday, September 30, 2011

choosing happy.

This week hasn't exactly gone the way I expected. On Tuesday, I started to feel a little bit funny, like maybe the dust from all my deep cleaning last weekend had seeped into my pores and was now stuck somewhere around my nasal cavity. Thus, my second cold of the fall (despite the fact that fall temperatures have yet to actually arrive in my neck of the woods) has come upon me with a vengeance. 

And I was having a pity party moment last night, a kind of "why-on-earth-is-this-happening-again-this-is-not-the-time" moment, when I decided: No. This is not how I will handle this. I shed a few tears, and yes, expressed my frustrations with the Father, and then I moved on. Things will get better. Life sometimes throws us curve balls, but it's all about how we handle them, am I right? 

So here's how I've been coping: 

- Emily of New Moon is a television show? You guys, have you been holding out on me? This is the greatest thing I've discovered since Anne of Green Gables, and it's on Netflix. Woohoo!

- Speaking of Netflix, I've also discovered the joy of documentary-browsing. So far, I've enjoyed The Lottery, Young@Heart, and Frontrunners. Highly recommend them all, but especially The Lottery, a film about charter schools in New York City. It's both heart-breaking and eye-opening. 

- Ben & Jerry's ice cream, obviously. Phish Food is my flavor of choice. 

- De-hoarding our house. Seriously, we had a storage problem. Four loads to a local donation point later, and our house is like a different place. Thank goodness. 

- Fall fashions. Sure, I don't have money for them, but they're fun to look at

- NPR Tiny Desk Concerts. These are changing my work day.  So. good.

- Looking forward to the weekend. Essentially, this is what gets me through every week. But, you know.


What are you up to this weekend?


Staley Mc said...

I love NPR tiny desk concerts! So great!!

I'm always looking forward to the weekend to get through the week. Even though I usually spend my weekends getting caught up from the week!!

Leslie said...

that photo is so fab. a needed reminder most days! i had never heard of the npr tiny desk concerts, but now they are thoroughly improving my friday morning! wishing you a restful and nourishing weekend, friend!

Megan Elizabeth said...

Phish food is my favorite!!! Yet another busy weekend, but full of family :)

Sydney said...

Phish food is the best!!! Love it!
Good for you for turning things around!

Sabrina said...

Feel better! I tell ya Annie you are the poster child for the common cold. I am heading to a crafting weekend in SC:) Happy girl!!

Lex C. said...

shopping and ice cream is always the best therapy...and i love your fashion picks! i want striped skirt and a gingham shirt sooo bad (not together but ya know teehee:)

feel better, annie!! i hope youre weekend goes well!

Grace-and-Glory said...

hope you feel better soon! I've had the sniffles lately and I'm hoping I haven't developed a cold... I don't think the five mile run in the rain yesterday, and standing out in the cold wetness for a couple hours after that helped any. :/ So I'm kicking back with a cup of tea and some school books, getting a bit of studying done and catching up on some blogs.... thanks for your guest post on Annie's Musings... I reposted a link to it on my blog here ( Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!

TefMarie said...

One of my favorite docs is 'For Once in My Life.' So sweet.

I love NPR Tiny Desk Concerts as well. Let's face it, I just love NPR. Hope you had a great weekend!