Friday, April 15, 2011

joy-robbers and energy-zappers.

{photos by Philippe Halsman}

There are lots of things taking up space in my brain lately, and many of them fall under that category of "please go away." You know what I mean, right? Those pesky people and situations that keep robbing your joy and depleting your energy?

Well, enough. Because this life is far too short to be deterred by the joy-robbers and energy-zappers. I am done with you.

This week, I came across these two sentences in Jesus Calling: "The best way to handle unwanted situations is to thank Me for them. This act of faith frees you from resentment and frees Me to work My ways into the situation, so that good emerges from it."

Finally. Someone else can worry about the haters residing in my brain. This weekend, I'm going to be happy, full of the energy and joy that I've allowed to be taken from me.

You should try it. I think it's good for the soul.


Renee B. said...

This is so true. So so so true. I have a few situations similar muddling around in my head and it's SO distracting from the joy and happiness I'd rather be thinking about! Thanks for inspiring my day! Love your blog...xoxo

Four Flights said...

okay now Annie, I want to see a picture of you jumping up like Audrey from the weekend. Good post, good reminder. I could definitely use it :)

Marli and Memory said...

I have that book too!! :p
Although I have fallen behind in reading it every day like I should be. :o

monster cakes said...

a. these pictures. too cute.
b. you go girl. i just read a devotional this morning about this actually, and it was a good reminder that "trials are food for our faith." those situations are feeding your faith if you'll allow them, and it sounds like you are! blessings on your weekend friend.

Jennifer said...

It is definitely amazing what turning things over to God can do for the soul. Easier said than done though. I was in your same spot a few weeks ago! I do pray you are full on joy this weekend!

mom said...

Hurrah for you!!! God will take care of the joy robbers when we let go and let Him! Enjoy a beautiful weekend :0) I love you!!

Whitney said...

You have no idea how much I needed to read that.

I may just make a post it and put it on my computer.

Thank you!

stephanie said...

i have a friend that calls people "energy vampires" - the ones that you feel drained after being around them.

consciously choosing to be happy is a good thing :)


Thank you

chet said...

haters gonna hate. gators gonna gate. and taters gonna tate.

Melissa said...

You are loved and appreciated by more than you know...shame on us for not telling you more often; but yesterday and today (and more often than I'd like)I feel the same way...gotta just push them out of the mind and try to switch to pleasant and loving thoughts of the Savior...I've got to make myself do that so much more often and let Him worry about the energy vampires...I like that one! Once again, thank you for your work on the you.