Thursday, April 14, 2011

i think i'll go to boston.

About once every month, I am filled with this overwhelming sense that I must get out of town. That I will suffocate if I do not hop on a plane or get in the car and just drive. My life isn’t ridiculously stressful, and I am far from miserable (mostly I’m just really happy). But sometimes, I think you just need a vacation. And when the sun is shining and I am sitting in my office writing about the quandaries facing today’s paralegals, the feeling begins to rise up inside of me, and I think I will burst.

Last May, that feeling hit me like a ton of bricks, so I flew to Boston with my friend Amanda. It was one of my finer moments, to be sure.

It was just the change of scenery the doctor ordered, and now I find myself looking at pictures, failing to understand how that could have been a year ago, how life has changed and how here I am, 365 days later, in desperate need of another trip just like it.

What was special about Boston was that I rarely get to be with the girls I was traveling with. I don’t see them often, and when I do, it is fabulous. I love Jordan, but there is something to be said for girl friends, and for me, there is something to be said for those girls who really get you (because let me assure you, those friendships are few and far between). Not every girl gets me, but these two do. And it was so much fun to run around the city, snapping photos, nearly killing ourselves to hit everything on our (my?) list. But it was even more fun to crash on the sofa at the end of the day, giggling and eating takeout while we watched Stabler and Benson solve crimes.

Boston, too, feels a little bit like where my roots are. And I’m sure that sounds ridiculous to you, since I was born and raised in Florida, but Thoreau and Alcott and Emerson are all in Boston, and they are, in some sense, my family. I’ve been fascinated by them since high school. Their beliefs shaped a lot of my current thinking, my ideas about nature and working with your hands and making the world a better place than the one you were born into. Seeing their homes, where they formed their thoughts and ideals, was indescribable to me. It was like finding my mother ship, right there on the edge of Walden Pond.

I’ve read somewhere — though I don’t know where — that sometimes, travel is what you need to gain a little perspective. Sometimes it just takes getting out of your element to really find yourself.

Please, someone buy me a plane ticket, and stat.


Four Flights said...

I too sometimes feel like I belong back East somewhere, like Virginia or Vermont, even though I was born and raised in California. I get what you mean :)

Jilliebeanie said...

you nailed it. I feel the exact same way every couple of months (at least!). I wanted to go to Boston SO BADLY this year, but expenses would not allow.

And girlfriends...yes. Necessary for life.

Cindy P said...

I feel like that all the time, too! Just wanting to hop in the car or get on a plane and go somewhere, if even for a weekend. And it wouldn't even have to be far away, just away! It rarely happens though. Especially since my husband works on Saturdays. =/

I'm excited though because we're finally getting away in just two weeks! Can't wait to come to your part of the country! We're visiting Daytona Beach for a few days and then on to Disney!

Jennifer said...

I need to have a change of scenery about that often as well. I'm with ya...some one please buy me a place ticket as well!!!

Lori said...

I have to agree with you.. too bad it is so expensive to fly anywhere from Hawaii :(

Whitney said...

I feel the same way.
Traveling does give perspective.

oh. and.
I don't think anyone who was under the age of 30 when Augustana came out with 'Boston' will EVER be able to go to the city of Boston without bursting into that song (maybe just in your head...or outloud)
'I think I'll go to Boston...'

Oh yes.

Courtney B said...

I completely agree! I'm coming up on my year mark and I am just dying to get out and go SOMEWHERE! Anywhere.. I just need a vacation haha.
So jealous you went to Boston. That is at the top of my list! Beautiful photos :)

bear said...

i'll go with you...i just can't buy it for you.