Tuesday, November 9, 2010


{yep, I most definitely love him. and that flower? um, i made that.}

So, I've got a big exam coming up Wednesday, and I should be studying. 
But instead, I'm thinking about this weekend, and how it was full of such good things. 

How Friday night I helped host a black + white dinner party for the teen girls
And how pretty they looked, inside and out. 
(Pictures to come.)

I'm thinking about the Saturday morning drive Jordan and I took out to Mule Day (don't ask),
and the ginormous funnel cake we ate together. 
I'm thinking about the FSU game and how we lost.
But how there's just something about football and cold weather
and spending time with people you really, really like. 

There are moments when I forget what exactly my priorities are.
Moments when I'm blinded, unable to see what's truly important. 
This weekend, I saw what could be.
What life could look like if I take control and instill in it a little bit more balance.

School has added an element of stress to my life.
I am good at it, and I like it. 
But I think my priorities have been rearranged because of it. 
So I'm reevaluating. I'm thinking. I'm praying.

Because this weekend? 
This weekend was good. 

And I want to give myself some breathing room.

Because the best moments, the really good ones? 
They come when there's time for long drives and football games 
and dinner parties and late night snuggles on the couch.


Four Flights said...

Oh Annie, I can sort of see where you are going with this. Yes, life is enjoyed best when you have the time and opportunity to be present. But life is also best when you can enjoy it after reaching your goals. Just make sure that whatever choice you make, you are sure you can live with it 10 years later after you have children. That's my only unsolicited advices for the day. Me personally, I have a trip to NYC booked next week where I have to leave my babies and husband for 3 days. I'm thinking of turning in my letter of resignation before the end of the year, after only 4 short months on the job, so really I'm not one to talk. Don't listen to me :)

Brooke Premo said...

Haha! Go Mule Day!

Yes, you are so right. Balance is so easy to agree with, but hard to instill everyday.

Melissa said...

Love this picture of you two! You can see the relaxation and sparkle of fun in your eyes! So glad you took the time to enjoy the simple things...think that's where the balance comes in handy - learning to do both!

Shell in your Pocket said...

Do well on your exam!!! School is a love/hate relationship with me!

sandy toe

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Your blog is really cute! Sounds like a lovely weekend, can't wait to see photos from the black and white party!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

in my experience, when your heart keeps feeling tugged in a certain direction it's usually because God's trying to open up a new conversation.

good for you for being willing to see outside your "plan" and for praying about it so you can really make the right choice for your life now.

good luck!!