Wednesday, August 18, 2010

some frivolous fun.

Before my life becomes consumed by communication theory — and it will, as I learned during my nine hour orientation yesterday — I figured I’d post about something fun and frivolous, like reality TV.

This summer, I’ve been enjoying season five of Design Star on HGTV.

Diehard fans of the show — which I am not — argue that this is the worst season yet. Maybe that’s true, I really haven’t watched enough past seasons to know. It doesn't really matter, though; I’ve been enamored with prop stylist Emily Henderson since the beginning, and now that she’s in the top two, I’m full on obsessed.

{above two images, via Design Star}

 {Emily's desk space, via Brass Petal}

{above two images, via here}

I love this girl’s style, and I’d totally watch her show if she were to win. But while doing some online research (and blog stalking), I discovered the work of her friend and colleague Scott Horne (if you watch Design Star, he helped Emily during last week’s challenge), and guess what? I might love him even more.

{all images from Scott's portfolio, here}

Um, yes, see that yellow and gray bedroom, two pictures up on the left? Favorite bedroom of all time, from Blueprint magazine. I've got the tear-sheet stuck in my inspiration folder at home to prove it.

So, what do you think? Does Scott give Emily a run for her money? Who do you plan to root for during Sunday night's season finale?

And, the real question of the hour: Can I do this whole grad school thing without losing my mind?


Sabrina said...

WOW! I LOVE that white bed!! I want one... Also, 9 hour Orientation!!!! What is that all about. Praying for your daily. Please pray for me, I have a sore throat maybe approaching a cold:(

Betsy said...

From one grad student to another, YES, you can do this grad school thing without losing your mind! I'm not going to lie: it will be stressful. And at times you will probably just want to quit. But think about the ministry opportunity that you've been given! You'll be on a secular campus with students (and professors) that desperately need to see the light of Christ lived out in actuality. Let that be your goal in grad school...that instead of working for the degree, you're working to demonstrate the love and life of Christ in all that you do.

I'm praying for you! If you ever need to vent about coursework, professors, etc, just shoot me an e-mail or facebook message :)

Anonymous said...

I love Emily too and that sunroom was bananas!! I'll have to start blog stalking Scott now too.