Tuesday, August 17, 2010

school days.

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below are transcribed, word for word, a series of texts that passed between me and my favorite sibling last night.

me, after panicking over what supplies to take to my grad school orientation:  What kind of notebook did you take to orientation?? Like, a binder, or a legal pad, or something small?

Chet: I don't think you'll need something like a binder maybe a legal pad and folder or something to hold whatever they give you.

me, still panicking: Not a computer, right? I'm not going to look legally blonde with a floral folder? Also, what do the cool kids wear? Also, did you go to your orientation lunch? 

Chet, slightly less patient:  Seriously? Annie. You will be fine! Take a floral folder. No laptop. I left orientation early but I don't think we had lunch. I probably wouldn't go to it. 

me, feeling slightly better, but still panicking:  Okay... Just keep in mind, my last schooling experience was FAULKNER. And that was scary. And there were only 500 on-campus students. 

Chet: You are a fashionable young professional adult. You were a dorky 90-pound wuss who listened to relient k. You'll do fine.


So that's where I've been. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get my life in order before grad school starts. I'll be back, I'm sure, with glorious (and perhaps slightly humiliating) stories to tell.

New chapters, as it turns out, are just as scary as they were ten years ago. Good to know.

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Mom said...

Hahahahahah!!! My children!! Did you take the floral folder? And, I just have to add, you still are 90 lbs! (I left off the dorky wuss part....because I don't see you that way! I'm still laughing though ~ you two are so funny!
Hope today turned out great and I can't wait to hear all about it!

Love you!