Tuesday, July 27, 2010

style icon: reese.

Remember this past spring, when I tried to pick a style icon for myself? Someone to mold my wardrobe around? I wound up purging my closet, holding up pieces and asking the all-important question:

"What would Zooey/Kathleen/Audrey wear?"

Now, months later, I'm pretty satisified with my answers to that question, and the wardrobe I created.

Until I saw these pictures of Reese (courtesy of Anne at the City Sage).

Think there's room for one more on my style icon list? Because honestly, I'm practically dressing like Reese anyway. Skinny denim, lots of flats, chambray shirts, lightweight skirts, cardigan sweaters? I'm halfway there!

What do you think of Reese's look? I love that it's so down-to-earth looking. Must be those Southern roots...


Mom said...

I saw this look on YOU before Reese. Did she copy you!!

Anonymous said...

she is so presh....and so are you!!!