Wednesday, March 31, 2010

cleaning out the closet.

Part of entering a new season means cleaning out the closet. It’s time to pack away the winter clothes — they’ve taken up too much space for entirely too long — and bring out the spring and summer wear.

The truth is, though, that this season I need to do more than just switch out my clothes; I need to completely reevaluate my wardrobe. Spring and summer are fabulous seasons in Florida, but they remind me of denim shorts, flip-flops, and tank tops... None of which are acceptable in an office setting (but all of which I want). It’s time to see just how big my spring shopping budget needs to be and what needs to be on my list of things to purchase.

It should be explained here that the hubs and I are tackling Dave Ramsey like it’s nobody’s business. We’re budgeting and conquering, slowly and steadily. I’m completely supportive of our efforts; just ask Jordan. Plus, I’m not really a huge shopper, so I haven’t had a real problem with planning my purchases in advance. That is, until yesterday, when I took my 16-year-old cousin shopping. First of all, I don’t know the last time I’ve gone shopping like that. We covered at least five stores in a span of three hours. Guess what? I could have bought something at every store I stepped into. That hasn’t happened in ages. I think the universe knew I’d be tempted. Secondly, are spring clothes cheaper than winter clothes? I think so. This made my plight all that more difficult. Do you know what I could have purchased for $100? I do.

Temptations aside, tonight is the night. While I watch Ryan announce the next American Idol to head home (America, please, Tim has got to go!), I will sit in my bedroom floor and reevaluate my wardrobe. I will make lists, and I will purge. And this time, I will purge with purpose.

Inspired by this post, I plan to select my own style icon. I will keep in my closet only items of clothing my “style icon” would wear. (Example: What would Jennifer Aniston wear? If Jennifer wouldn't wear it, out it goes.)

Except, I can’t choose. I’ve narrowed it down to three lovely ladies:

Zooey Deschanel

Audrey Hepburn

Kathleen Kelly {aka Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail}

So, I’ve got two questions.

First, who’s your style icon? Would you be willing to bet your closet on it?

Second, of these three ladies, whose style would you say that I have? I need to know.

The purging begins tonight, so send in your votes now! (Hey, that sounds like something Ryan would say...)


Jessica said...

Oh my...these three lovely ladies are my style icons! I got bangs to be like Zooey. Yesterday I self-proclaimed my outfit Zooey approved. All winter when I would wear my black footless leggings with ballet flats I felt very Audrey. And anytime a cardigan and skirt are involved it's Kathleen Kelly inspired. Why not go with all three? It will still narrow down your style but won't confine it. Furthermore, in my opinion, I bet Kathleen looked to Audrey and Zooey to Kathleen and Audrey.

P.S. I've recently been finding inspiration from another style icon--Sookie St. James. I am obsessed with short dresses over cuffed jeans. I mean, I cannot get enough. I also think of her when I wear my hair in pigtail braids. Sookie wasn't skinny but she was confident in who she was, and she didn't let her weight keep her from being bold. I like that. It suits me.

Jordan Jones said...

You're Zooey. That's easy. :)

Brooke Bailey said...

My Style icon: Kelly Ripa.
Your style: Zooey D.
In the closet: florals.

Cassimus T. said...

bizarre, but i believe we have the same style icons! I adore Meg Ryans outfits in You've got mail!

chet said...

my style icon: me in the seventh grade.

your style: zooey. but don't go to the extremes like most girls who want to be like zooey do. they look stupid.

Lindsey said...

oh goodness. i can't choose. i like all three myself. why not have a bit of all three. that would provide you with some variety, and allow you to merge your favorite styles. this is such a good idea (i think i might try this when i get back to the states)

Brooke Bailey said...

I second your brother ... some girls do go overboard with the Zooey D. look. Then they just look rediculous. Although, I have a hard time seeing you be "that girl".

Brooke Premo said...

Oh my goodness, I totally had a Kathleen Kelly phase in high school - I even had the haircut and promised that when I was old enough I would order white wine like she does.

I would have to pick Zooey for you, though, because I loooove Zooey!

Sabrina said...

Hmmm you really are a Meg to me but you do throw in a Zooey flair:)
I wish I could have a fashion icon...Mel would say it is some peasant girl from the Middle Ages b/c I like flowy skirts and shirts:)

Ashley said...

I think you're zooey with Kathleen leanings. Definitely as classy as Audrey but you have a little bit more vintage/fun style.


PS-Why is Time STILL on Idol?