Sunday, June 13, 2010

a shop a day: fossil.

I'm taking a break from the heavier posts this week to bring you my wish lists from a different shop each day. Because this is what girls do when they're home and under the weather. They make lists a mile long of things they cannot afford.

Without further ado, my wish list from Fossil.

I've been wanting a chambray shirt for ages. Maybe this one fits the bill?

Finally, this shirt goes on sale. And office appropriate!

Really like this boyfriend-style shirt. 

Love me a cute cardigan.

Okay, someone tell me: Rompers, yay or nay? 

A vest that will take me through to the fall...


Jessica said...

I was FIRMLY against rompers until I saw a girl in one who looked super cute while we were on vacation last week. But I've seen over a dozen BIG MISTAKES to that one good look. I'd say you would need to really search out the best look for you if you dare to venture into those waters. But you're petite and so I think it would be much easier for you to pull that look off. Good luck if you decide to:)

jenna said...

I wish I was thin enough to rock a romper! I think they are SO cute! Do it, Annie. Do it!!

Sabrina said...

Hmmmmm I think you have to have the exact right body for a romper. So, the question for you have that body:) If you get a romper, post pictures.

Bec said...

My husband just got me a pair of yellow Layla sandals from Fossil and they are the most comfortable things to wear on the whole planet!